Malevolent Paranormal Entities Haunt the Lake Morena Campground in Campo

Hidden in the wooden Laguna Mountains, Lake Morena Campground offers breathtaking views of its namesake in Campo.

Malevolent Paranormal Entities Haunt the Lake Morena Campground in Campo

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Updated 2/10/2020 – It’s a popular place for those who seek serenity while enjoying hiking, picnicking, boating, and fishing.

But hidden in the dense trees, gliding around the lake, and disturbing campers at night are several entities that transform the beautiful Lake Morena into the setting of your worst nightmare.

The Famed Ghouls of Lake Morena Campground

When it comes to ghosts, Lake Morena has plenty of them.

The most famous entity haunting the campground is the Woman in White.

The young woman is usually seen around the lake, gliding solemnly without harming anyone.

But she’s not the one you should be scared of.

Legend has it that Lake Morena Campground is the forever home of Millie, a young girl who was tortured and eventually killed by her mother.

The child’s mouth has been slashed from ear to ear because she screamed in pain once, according to a medium.

Combined with pale skin, light blond hair, and a bloody apron, Millie is a sight that instills fear in hearts.

Most of the blood on this paranormal entity is her own, but not all of it. Some of it belongs to visitors of this Campo lake.

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She also has a murderous aura, the result of claiming the lives of many campers.

So, if you feel sweat trickle down your pack and think you’re being watched, don’t look back or else Millie’s pale eyes will be the last thing you see.

Other Horror Stories from Campo Locals

Millie, the Woman in White and the other ghosts haunting Lake Morena Campground may terrify you, but there are other entities that can make your heart stop in fear.

These entities haunt the campground, waking up campers to the sounds of heavy footsteps, loud singing, and lively dancing.

Those who dare to peek outside despite the long shadows creeping on the outsides of their tents never find a single mark indicating the activity.

While the buildings these entities haunted have been demolished over the years, they refuse to move elsewhere.

One of these stubborn entities is the one that once ‘resided’ in the former dam keeper’s old house.

A San Diego Union article published the story of a woman who stayed there in the 1980s only to be woken up by a poltergeist that had everything in the room float around her.

In the same place, many campers have been at the mercy of this entity.

But now, it’s more malicious than it was in the past.

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