Fort Pierce College Students Terrified By Ghost

Students at Indian River Community College in Fort Pierce have long been visited by the presence of a spirit roaming their theater.

Students claim that when he appears to them he is shrouded in a blue mist.

One account states that when the ghost appears, the temperature in the room drops a significant amount, leaving the witness covered in goose bumps.

Fort Pierce College Students Terrified By Ghost

Photo credit left: google street view right: tumblr/darkaart

Updated 2/10/2020 – Another account states that Lenny, the name given to the spirit, is benevolent but rambunctious, messing with the theater’s spotlights and the backstage radios.

Fort Pierce’s Local Spirit

Students say that Lenny frequents the theater regularly, oftentimes watching the show from the President’s booth or hanging out backstage in wardrobe.

Lenny appears as a man with a tall lanky stature and labored gait.

He has become such a consistently present apparition that he hardly frightens anyone anymore.

Many who have witnessed him say that he gives a gentle nod or a wave whenever he presents himself.

Lenny has been known to take on several appearances.

Sometimes he is as transparent and elusive as a midnight mist.

Other times he appears as opaque and real as an actual human.

Not All Is Well At Indian River Community College

Although seemingly well intentioned, Lenny’s presence isn’t always welcome.

In fact, there have been several accounts in which Lenny’s appearance has been described as terrifying or uneasy.

The theater’s broom closet is one place inside the building where students have been scared to venture.

One student states, “I’m positive there is more than one spirit, and whatever is in the broom closet is not as friendly.”

Some accounts have seen the apparition inside the closet and their tales are all too terrifying.

The spirit is described as having long sharp fingers, akin to knives or blades.

Instead of eyes, the spirit supposedly has two mouths with razor teeth.

Fort Pierce College Students Terrified By Ghost

Photo credit: tumblr/darkaart

The movements of the apparition are quick, like a demonic contortionist.

Paranormal experts say that whenever a spirit takes on an ungodly, disfigured form it is because of the heinous crime they committed in their lifetime.

Interviews with local alumni have suggested an intriguing theory.

The theory goes; sometime in the 1960’s a teacher was having an affair with a student inside the broom closet in the theater building.

Lenny, whose name has never been confirmed, accidentally caught the two during an intimate moment.

The teacher, fearing losing his job, murdered Lenny and buried his body somewhere beneath the stage.

Two weeks later the teacher committed suicide.

The teacher is said to haunt the broom closet.

No documents have been uncovered in Fort Pierce’s archives to prove that this indeed happened or that such an event had occurred.

But, from time to time, walking by that broom closet, people have sworn that they heard a whisper bounce off the walls saying, “Please don’t tell.”