The Bone-Chilling Hauntings of The Arcadia Opera House

What does one think when they imagine an opera house?

They think of a simple place to see theater and be entertained.

Nothing else really comes to mind, unless maybe they’re huge theater buffs.

Then there is Arcadia.

The Bone-Chilling Hauntings of The Arcadia Opera House

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Updated 2/10/2020 – The Arcadia Opera House, in Florida, is used today as a museum and antiques shop.

Built in 1906, it now holds an impressive collection of items of history.

However, it has one little catch.

This location has been the site of several paranormal investigations ever since its opening.

Hence this location being one of the most well known haunted locations in the United States.

The Chilling and Creepy Ghosts of Arcadia

No one should let the thought of this place being an opera house fool them that there is nothing more to it.

Countless weird things have been known to occur at this infamous opera house.

It is rumored that an incident occurred in the opera house in which the noise of a crowd could be heard in the auditorium area, but no one was in the room at all.

Other eerie noises have been heard at the location as well.

Such sounds include the laughter and footsteps of children.

Locals have also spoken of an incident in which a child was heard walking into a room.

The spirit was then felt, but nothing was seen.

What could this child’s spirit have been wanting to do?

Patrons of the Arcadia Opera House in Florida often see the ghost of a young girl crying...

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Another locally-discussed incident is that of a spirit, seen in the hallway of the auditorium.

The hallway was described as eerily dark with the outline of the shadow of a person seen to the left of stage.

The spirit was so dark that any light coming in from windows was blocked.

The locals reported that those who were present during the incident got quite uncomfortable during the encounter.

But that is not all.

Eerie Paranormal Activity

There is perhaps one truly horrific and soul-piercing component to this haunted wonderland.

It is that of the figure of a young girl that has been seen in the second floor corner window.

No one knows of the tale that surrounds this girl.

What makes her haunt this opera house?

What is her story?

Does this girl have a tale of horror that surrounds her that she is trying to make known?

If she does, what is this tale and how does it connect to the history of the opera house?

Would that mean there is even more chilling discoveries to be made of the Arcadia Opera House?

The more you think about it, the more it seems these incidents seem to give another picture of the Arcadia Opera House than what most tourists and visitors imagine.

A picture that points to a malevolent nature

Who knew that an opera house could, in fact, be a center of the paranormal world and have quite the tale to tell?

Especially stories that involve the creepy spirits of children?