Diamond Bar: A Failed Experiment Haunts Brea Canyon Rd

Welcome to Diamond Bar, California, home of Brea Canyon Road.

Have you ever been driving along at night, when all of a sudden you looked out to the side of the road – or perhaps just caught it in your peripheral vision – and there was something there?

Diamond Bar: A Failed Experiment Haunts Brea Canyon Rd

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Updated 2/10/2020 – Something which shouldn’t be there…perhaps shouldn’t even exist?

If the stories – and there are many of them – are to be believed, Brea Canyon Road is host to any number of paranormal creatures, many of which are on display at any given time.

Brea Canyon Road in Diamond Bar May Be The Most Haunted Road in California

From hitchhikers who appear on the road only to disappear into thin air moments later, to the ghostly (and sometimes ghastly) noises which can be heard from time to time if you roll your window down while driving by, Brea Canyon Road appears to have it all.

Most of the stories line up with your standard, garden-variety ghost stories, but some of the stories one hears if one looks for them long enough are the sorts of things from which nightmares are spun.

Take, for instance, the story of Eric, a fifty-two year-old backpacker from the area.

Eric claims that he has seen things on the road which shouldn’t exist even in the supernatural realm.

“Something went wrong in that area near Diamond Bar; I don’t know if it was built on some old burial ground or something, or if maybe there’s a secret government project that got covered up, or what, but something is wrong.

“I have seen the most hideous things on that road at night,” he says, grinning a strange grin.

“I’ve seen ghosts that morphed from one person into another, ghosts who could make cars float off the surface of the road as they passed by.

The Ghosts Come in Many Horrific Shapes and Sizes

This creature has a disturbing face of a baby and the body of a dog. Really. It's one of the creepiest things reported in Diamond Bar.

Photo credit: tumblr/doctor-herbert-west

“I even once saw a ghostly boy’s face, but he had the body of a dog…”

How sure are you that you’ve seen all of these things?

“Do you mean was I blasted out of my mind on PCP or something?” he asks.

I shrug my shoulders in a noncommittal gesture.

“Look, dude,” he says, and grins that strange grin again, “when you’ve seen shit like I see every time I drive down that damn road, you don’t need drugs in your life.

“I don’t know what this thing’s deal is.

I heard a rumor that there was some kind of science lab near by.

“I bet this dog thing is a failed experiment or something.

“What I’ve seen, I’ve seen with my natural born eyes.

“Lots of nights people drive by and don’t see a damn thing, but I can tell you this: if you ever do drive by on a night when the spirits are out in force, I guarantee you you’re going to see something unsettling.”

One can only presume he is correct.


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