The Ghost Of A Brave Soldier Terrifies Visitors To This California Aviation Museum

In 1981, the Castle Air Museum opened its doors to the public in Atwater, California.

This non-profit museum is a mecca for aviation enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

Updated 2/11/2020 – But recently, the museum has earned a reputation that is not at all related to the amazing aircrafts it contains.

Many visitors have started claiming that Castle Air is haunted.

The Latest Ghost Story in Atwater

Paranormal activity has started brewing where a B-29 plane sits on site.

Guests have reported experiencing disembodied voices while seated in the plane.

A handful of witnesses have also said they saw the plane’s landing lights turn on and off while nobody was seated in the cockpit.

Rumor has it that the activity is being caused by a ghost on the premises.

A crew member is said to have died near the plane when a bomb accidentally exploded several years ago.

…But you can’t believe everything you hear.

“I am a local history teacher, and I know for a fact that there has never been any explosion in correlation with the B-29 plane at the Castle Air Museum,” Logan (Name changed for privacy) informed us.

“That particular plane has never been in a combat situation, and nor has it been involved with any accidents that could potentially stir up these absurd rumors.

Where do you think this incorrect rumor got started?

Logan shook his head.

“I really don’t know, kid and teens make up that kind of crap all of the time.

Or maybe it was a couple of staff members of the museum, just trying to drum up business.

All I know is that it is factually inaccurate and, thankfully, nobody has ever died in relation to that plane.

So you don’t believe the Castle Air Museum is haunted?

At that, Logan swallowed and slowly bit his lip.

“I didn’t say that…”

A Creepy Encounter…

A skull can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.


Have you ever had a paranormal experience while visiting the museum?

“Actually, I have—and I hate to say that because I think people will continue to spread false rumors about that plane… But yes, I did have a strange, unexplainable experience there.”

Can you please tell us about it?

He nodded.

“It was three years ago, and it was my first time visiting the museum.

My father was a pilot in the Air Force for many years, so I grew up around a bunch of plane and aircraft memorabilia.

“When I discovered the museum I decided to check it out and see it would be a good place to take him for his next birthday,” he nodded.

“It was a stormy Wednesday afternoon, and I was pretty much alone out by the planes outside.

“I was admiring an old plane used during WWII when I heard someone whisper ‘hey’ behind me.

“But nobody was around.

“I started walking around and I noticed that I could hear the sound of boots following me, but again, I was the only person out there.

I was, admittedly, getting a little spooked,” Logan said.

‘Uh, hello?’ I called out, not expecting a response.

“But then I suddenly felt this hand tap my shoulder and a male voice said, ‘I’m right here.’

“I probably leaped about a foot in the air and booked it inside of the museum.

I do intend to go back to Atwater with my father someday…but I have to work up the courage first.”