Haunted Brownfield: Evil Girl Reigns in Coleman Park

Brownfield, Texas is home to Coleman Park—a magnificent recreational attraction that boosts a lake, walking trails and several soccer, baseball, and softball fields.

Established during the pioneer days of the 1600’s, Coleman Park has stood as a witness to several changes and historical events in Brownfield…and not all of them have been positive.

There's just something spooky about Coleman Park in Brownfield Texas

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Updated 2/11/2020 – The Forgotten Tragedies of Coleman Park

Rumor has it that shortly after the creation of the park, the local community rallied together to confront a witch who lived in the area.

The alleged witch was chased to Coleman Park where the Brownfield settlers hanged her from a tree.

Many people feared going to the park after the witch’s death, fearing she would come back to haunt them if they revisited where she died.

However, lured by all that the park had to offer, many children did not carry this same fear.

A few years after the witch’s death, its been said that a little girl decided to play in the park.

She climbed a tree but somehow lost her footing.

She fell several feet to the ground and consequently broke her neck.

Over time, these macabre events faded from the public’s mind.

Their deaths became stories and eventually local legend.

But Jane T. knows at least one of these stories is true.

This witch wants to break your neck, but maybe she's just misunderstood? Brownfield residents don't know what to make of it.

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“It was several years ago, I was about fifteen at the time,” she recalled.

“Many of the facilities have changed at Coleman Park, but the trails have pretty much remained the same.

“It was late December, and Christmas was so close, I could almost touch it.”

“I decided to cut out of school early that day and go to the park instead of my last class,” Jane admitted.

“I was a mile into the trail when I heard a girl’s voice to the left of me.

“I turned and there stood a girl, probably close to my age, watching me from a line of trees.

History Tries to Repeat Itself in Brownfield

“She had on a thick woolen shawl—something I had never seen before in stores.

“I remember thinking how hideous and old it looked, but I loved her long dark hair very much.

“’Hello,’ I replied.”

‘Shouldn’t you be in class?’

“I dug my winter boots into the ground and said, ‘I don’t like school very much.’”

“The girl smiled, a small, dark kind of smile.”

‘Me too—The chalk always got all over my arithmetic book.’

“I nodded but was confused by this—nobody referred to it as ‘arithmetic’ anymore.

“’Maybe you can join my club,’ the girl said.

“’Sure,’ I smiled.

‘What do I have to do?’

“The girl pointed up at the tree behind her.”

‘All you have to do is climb that tree as high as you can and then jump off.’

“I looked at her like she had sprouted an extra limb.

“I could tell she thought I was crazy.

“’It’s not so bad, it’s really quick,’ she tried to reassure me.

“’I’m not going to do that, it would hurt!’ I shouted at her.”

‘Yes, but only momentarily—and then you can live forever.’

“I had had enough of this weird girl by then and I told her I wasn’t interested in her sick scheme to murder me.

‘Fine, have it your way.’

“And the girl flicked her hair back to reveal a part of her spine that had protruded through her skin.

“I was so scared, I ran all through Brownfield to get back to school.”

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