Are You A Paranormal Investigator?

Paranormal Investigator

Photo credit: flickr/Suzie Ridler

Are you a Paranormal Investigator? Would you like free traffic to your website? Would you like more places to investigate? If you answered yes to those questions, keep reading.

Every day I receive messages from people experiencing paranormal activity within their home. They tell me they are in desperate need of a local Paranormal Investigation team to come into their home and investigate.

Rather than let these people suffer and go without help, I’d like to give them the contact information for reputable paranormal teams in their area. That means you! :)

Your contact info will be listed on by state & city and will include a description of your services and a link to your website.

Here are the benefits to you. You get:

  • Free traffic to your website
  • Free exposure on that gets 700k+ pageviews a month
  • Free exposure on one of our relevant Facebook pages (i.e. Paranormal California, Paranormal Florida, Paranormal Texas, etc.)
  • Free promotion on
  • More paranormal places for you to discover and investigate
  • Improve the lives of people who desperately need your help

Cost to you:

NOTHING. It’s completely FREE. All I ask is that you place a link on your website that links to the Backpackerverse homepage (

If this sounds great to you, then please enter your paranormal team info in this google document.

I will reply to every submission. I look forward to hearing from you!

Sol Vazquez

P.S. Click Here To Access The Google Document And Enter Your Paranormal Team Info

Need Help? Have Questions?

Need help with a paranormal experience you’ve had? Have questions but don’t know who to ask?
Whether you’re confused, afraid, or just curious, a psychic can help.
Often, they are the only ones who really understand what you’re going through.
Psychics are naturally in-tune with the spirit world so they can provide the clarity and relief you’re searching for. We recommend these psychics:
And please, don’t’re not alone. We’re all in this together!
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