Calabasas: Ghostly Nightmares Haunt The Sagebrush Cantina

Imagine sitting down to eat a hearty meal only to find yourself looking across the table into the eyes of a tormented spirit.

Some patrons of the Sagebrush Cantina Restaurant and Saloon in Calabasas, CA., have experienced just that.

Calabasas: Ghostly Nightmares Haunt The Sagebrush Cantina

Dare to eat in this restaurant?

Updated 2/10/2020 – Sagebrush Cantina might be known for its great food and friendly wait staff, but the spirits lurking in the Cantina are less agreeable.

The Haunted Kitchen in Calabasas

Step aside Gordon Ramsey, this Calabasas restaurant boasts some real “Kitchen Nightmares”.

Located off Ventura Freeway, the Sagebrush Cantina is a western themed restaurant and saloon popular with tourists and locals alike.

One visitor passing through the Calabasas area recalls stopping in for a bite during the early evening.

A couple of hours before the restaurant was due to get busy, he and his partner were the only ones there.

He wandered into the kitchen by mistake and saw a member of the restaurant staff recoiling in fear from a pot of boiling water that had spilled, seemingly of its own accord, onto the ground.

Stories of telekinesis aside, this appeared be something far more sinister.

A pot that large should not have been able to fall without being shoved, but nobody stood anywhere near it.

Everyone in the kitchen looked horrified.

One ex-worker remembers seeing a busboy and a cook hanging around the kitchen when he was the only staff member in the building. 

When he asked what they were doing there, neither cook nor busboy responded.

They both stared into space as if they hadn’t heard him.

The witness checked in to see if any extra staff were supposed to be at the restaurant.

They weren’t.

By the time he turned around to tell them to leave, they were already gone.

A glob of old, rancid butter remained on the floor where they had been standing.

The witness left Calabasas and the entire hospitality industry not long after that.

Her Body Might Lie Undiscovered on a Calabasas Highway

A ghoulish nurse is said to haunt a local Calabasas watering hole.

Photo credit: deviantart/demitrybelmont

Some people have a hard time finding the bathrooms in a new place, especially when that place serves strong margaritas.

Some people would rather hold it in than ask for directions.

One patron of the Sagebrush Cantina was not one of those people.

She tapped a waitress on the shoulder to ask where she could wash her hands.

When the woman turned around, it became evident that she was not a waitress.

Her face was contorted in pain.

Her jaw hung wide.

Her teeth we malformed.

Her face was grey and mottled, rotting around the mouth, long dead.

The witness decided she didn’t need the bathroom that badly, after all.

Rumor says this might be the ghost of a woman who was tortured, murdered, and buried along the Calabasas Ventura Freeway.

Maybe she’s just looking for help.

But maybe she’s looking for revenge…

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