Mediumship vs. Channeling (Discover the True Difference)

Ready to discover the truth about medium channelling?

Ready to discover the truth about medium channelling?

What is the difference between mediumship and channeling?

Both abilities consist in communicating with entities from another world, but there are a few differences.

It is possible for a person to possess both abilities, but most psychics or mediums tend to focus on one of these abilities.

Here is what you need to know about how mediums communicate with spirits and the difference with medium channeling.

– Updated 10/11/2019

What Is Mediumship?

Mediums can see the past, present, and the future by connecting to the energies that surround a person.

Some mediums are able to communicate with spirits and beings from other planes of existence, while others can communicate with the dead.

Mediumship is mostly about receiving and interpreting messages from other worlds.

Mediums often deliver messages from loved ones and spirit guides during readings.

Mediums can possess different gifts that allow them to communicate with spirits.

Clairvoyance consists in seeing these entities with the mind’s eye, but some mediums possess clairaudience, clairsentience, or claircognizance.

Some mediums have only one of these abilities while others can see spirits, hear them, and intuitively feel or know things.

Channeling is often about receiving messages from various entities.

Channeling is often about receiving messages from various entities.

What Is Channeling?

Channeling is also about communicating with spirits and entities from other planes.

However, medium channeling happens in a different way.

The psychics who possess this ability will either consciously channel a spirit or receive a message while they are in a trance or semi-trance state.

While mediumship is often about communicating with deceased loved ones, channeling is often about receiving messages from other types of entities, such as nature spirits, spirit guides, or even angels.

Just like with mediumship, it is possible to channel through different guides.

Some psychics can see spirits thanks to clairvoyance while some hear their messages thanks to clairaudience.

Mediums often channel deceased loved ones.

Mediums often channel deceased loved ones.

Are The Messages Different?

Because mediumship is usually about communicating with deceased loved ones, the messages are often very specific.

These spirits often wish to let you know that you are loved, to provide advice, or to say goodbye.

The messages received while channeling can be different.

Spirits usually share messages about love and wisdom and will sometimes provide guidance.

However, you will often have to interpret these messages just like you would interpret a dream.

Channeling is often a non-verbal form of communication.

The spirits you can contact who possess this ability live in other planes of existence and never had a human form.

Divinities, angels, and spirits from higher planes will not use human words to communicate.

A medium channeling will usually enter in contact with spirits and ghosts who used to have a human form.

These entities can deliver a message that is easier to understand and often use verbal communication unless they want you to figure out the meaning of the message by yourself.

Who Can Practice Channeling and Mediumship?

Mediums are born with special gifts allowing them to channel spirits.

Mediums are born with special gifts allowing them to channel spirits.

Anyone can learn to communicate with spirits if they are willing to work on developing their abilities.

Becoming a talented medium or being able to channel at will takes years of practice.

Some individuals are born with a gift that allows them to easily connect with the spirit world.

Most psychics end up taking a side in the mediumship vs. channeling debate and choose to develop the gift that comes more naturally to them or that seems most valuable to them.

Channeling can happen while you are in a trance or semi-trance state because entities from higher planes of existence are more likely to communicate with your subconscious.

In fact, you might have channeled before without realizing you were doing it.

This YouTube video does a great job of explaining what channeling is like:

Mediumship requires practice because the medium often needs to establish a connection with a spirit, while channeling is more about preparing yourself to receive a message from an entity who is reaching out to you.

Developing this ability takes time but it is a very rewarding experience.

This video should be helpful if you are interested in finding out more about how mediums develop their skills:

Parting Words

You should now have a better understanding of mediumship vs. channeling.

These two forms of communication share some similarities, but mediumship and channeling are very different experiences and you are likely to receive messages from different types of spirits depending on how you communicate with them.