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10 Most Sinister Signs Your House is Haunted

You shrug it off when you hear some rapping on your walls. The footsteps that woke you last night must have been part of a dream. But trying to be reasonable can make you a fool. Ignoring the spirits haunting you will make them ever more ghoulish, trying to get more attention. Your house will become a playground, […]

10 Most Mysterious UFO Sightings In California

Creatures from all over the galaxy have perfected space flight. They are way ahead of us. If you could fly to another planet, wouldn’t you? Unlike us, they know where life on other planets is, and they want to learn more.  Whether it’s diamonds, gold, or human blood, they are interplanetary miners. They are scientists.  They are pirates.  […]

Top 10 Cryptids That Turned Out to be Real

What is a cryptid? A zoological cryptid is an animal or plant whose existence has been suggested but has not been discovered or documented by the scientific community. Many of these cryptids are one-of-a-kind animals, as in there’s exactly one of them. Example of cryptids you are probably familiar with are Bigfoot/Sasquatch and the Loch Ness Monster. Skeptics say […]

Watch: A Child Warrior and Her Spirit Protector Head Into Battle

Here’s something you don’t see every day. A child warrior and her spirit protector head off to battle, accompanied by epic music. Who will they face? How did the war begin? How will it end? While we don’t yet know the answers to those questions, we do know that the it took a weekend for […]

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