Sinister Ghost at the Sutter Creek Inn, or Just a Lost Soul?

Sutter Creek, California is an ideal destination for folks who simply want to get away from the hustle and bustle of day to day life.

Nestled in the heart of wine country, and a short distance away from ski resorts and hiking trails, Sutter Creek is perfect for a weekend visit or full-blown California vacation.

Sinister Ghost at the Sutter Creek Inn, or Just a Lost Soul?


One of the Oldest Buildings in Sutter Creek

Updated 9/23/2019 – The Sutter Creek Inn caters to those desires.

This charming bed and breakfast has been in business for over forty years.

However, history of the business is nothing compared to the history of the house.

The New England style home was built just before the Civil War, and shows interesting evidence of its antiquity.

Some guests seek out the Sutter Creek Inn for delectable wine while others…. others come for their reputable ghosts.

A few guests have said they witnessed seeing a female spirit at the Inn.

Rather than shy away from the issue, the former owner (who has since passed on) was up front about the matter.

She even claimed she had seen and spoken with the ghosts herself!

However, Sutter Creek Inn has nothing about these spirits on their website.

So when Ryan decided to reserve a room for him and his girlfriend, they had no prior knowledge about the spirits that supposedly roamed the house.

All they thought they would experience was a low key, romantic weekend.

Romance Turned Treacherous

Sometimes, it takes the loss of one's vision to truly see...

“For me, nothing beats spending an idle Saturday in a hammock, and my girlfriend, Sydney, claims to be quite the wine aficionado.

Sutter Creek just seemed like the perfect place for a mini-vacation.”

Ryan shook his head with a bemused smile and muttered, “we had no idea what we were in for.

“By daylight, everything felt comfortable and leisurely at the Inn.

But by night, things started to feel, well…spooky, for lack of a better word.

Sydney decided to read a book in bed, and I told her I wanted to take a glance at the night’s sky really quick.

“I stepped out onto the side lawn of the house.

As I inched out farther from the house, I was surprised to see another guest, walking around on the dewy lawn.

She gave me a small smile, but seemed content to explore the grounds in silence,” Ryan recalled.

“When I returned to the room, Sydney was already fast asleep.

She had pulled the blankets over her head, so all I saw was a lump under a quilt.

I turned off the light, and hopped into bed, snuggling up against her warm body.

“She sighed in contentment, then turned to kiss me in the dark.

I won’t give details, but she, uh, indicated that she wanted to be romantic with me in that moment,” he said with a blush.

I had just started to undress her when suddenly light flooded the room.

“Standing in the doorway with a look of shock and hurt on her face was Sydney.

And sitting on the edge of the bed was the pale woman from the garden.

I was so bewildered, I stood up on the bed, and whacked my head against the bed frame.

“When I came to, Sydney was hovering over me, asking if I was alright.

The pale woman was sitting in a chair beside the bed, watching me,” Ryan gestured.

“When I told Sydney that I had no idea who she was, or why she was in the bed, Sydney had no idea what I was even talking about.”

Ryan sighed.

“I wish I could say I enjoyed my time at the Sutter Creek Inn…But there is something paranormal going on there, and I just don’t know what it really is.”


75 Main St
Sutter Creek, CA 95685
United States