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The Hair-Raising Stories of Pasadena’s Suicide Bridge

Driving on the 134 freeway while in Pasadena, California, you can’t but be amazed by the spectacular view of the Colorado Street Bridge. Curving over the river bed, it flaunts a very romantic and old charm. It’s even more irresistible at night as the lights make it appear more alive. Updated 2/10/2020 – However, once […]

Famous Ghosts Haunting Hollywood

The horrors of Hollywood aren’t limited to the studios. Tinsel town has a dark side where ghosts of long-gone celebrities are yet to make their way into the light. If you love the world of cinema and are intrigued by the paranormal, drop by Hollywood and you’ll maybe see the following celebrity spooks. Elvis Presley […]

5 Haunted Hiking Trails in Santa Barbara County

Santa Barbara County sits on the Southern California coastline about 100 miles north of Los Angeles. It’s a beautiful and scenic place, home to both amazing hiking trails and exquisite fine dining. It’s also home to a shocking array of ghosts and spirits. Here are five haunted hiking trails not to miss if you’d like to […]

The Paranormal Entities Freaking Travelers on Creek Road

From ghosts to a charred creature and all the way to a European vampire, Creek Road in Ojai is a haunted ground like no other in California. Many travelers passing through have been terrorized by its resident paranormal entities, opting for longer routes the next time they travelled. If there was a next time, that […]

The Curse of Bodie Ghost Town

Perched on the eastern side of the Sierras, north of Mono Lake, Bodie is California’s Official Ghost Town. Though it became renowned for having abundant gold reserves, it was equally infamous for its lawlessness as gamblers, stage robbers, and gun-fighters made their way to town. Updated 2/10/2020 – After a fire destroyed much of the […]

The Haunted Picnic Table #29 at Griffith Park

Stretched over 4,210 acres, Griffith Park is one of the largest urban parks in North America. It’s a paranormal enthusiast’s favorite exploring spot as it reportedly has a terrible curse, a number of ghosts, and a creature which witnesses described as a long humanoid that takes huge strides, has a bent back and long neck, […]

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel – A True American Horror Story

‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ has opened many people’s eyes to the fact that hotels can have unseen guests sharing their rooms and possibly waiting for the right moment to reveal themselves or unleash their wrath. California especially seems to have the most haunted hotels in the continent, many of which have dark histories that makes […]

Welcome (NOT) to the Whaley House

California has its share of haunted buildings, but none of them have as dark a past as the Whaley House. Located on 2476 San Diego Ave in San Diego, the Greek Revival style residence is a beauty, earning acclaim as the finest new brick block in Southern California when it was completed in 1857. However, […]

The Many Ghosts of the Queen Mary

The Queen Mary is world-renowned as one of the most haunted locations in California, if not the world. The decommissioned passenger liner is now owned by the City of Long Beach, and is permanently docked at the port there. The Queen Mary was drafted into service during World War II, where she was nicknamed ‘The […]

The Horrifying Truth of Ventura’s Haunted Adobe

The Olivas Adobe is a historic site in beautiful Ventura, California. The adobe was the 19th century home of Raymundo Olivas and his family. Raymundo and his wife Senora Teodoro had an amazing 21 children, and today the site is well-known to be haunted by Teodoro’s ghost. Updated 2/10/2020 – Famous paranormal investigator Richard Senate […]

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