The Horrifying Truth of Ventura’s Haunted Adobe

The Olivas Adobe is a historic site in beautiful Ventura, California.

The adobe was the 19th century home of Raymundo Olivas and his family.

Raymundo and his wife Senora Teodoro had an amazing 21 children, and today the site is well-known to be haunted by Teodoro’s ghost.

The Horrifying Truth of Ventura's Haunted Adobe

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Updated 2/10/2020 – Famous paranormal investigator Richard Senate makes his home in Ventura County, and has conducted extensive research on the site.

Senate filmed a documentary about the Olivas Adobe and Senora Teodora, and the ghost lady and her entourage obliged by making several appearances during the shoot.

Manifestations of the Olivas Adobe spirits range from sensations of sudden chills and lightheadedness, to the sudden appearance of ghostly figures mere feet from visitors.

Ghost of a Murdered Servant

Olivas Adobe and Native American

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It seems that Senora Teodora still maintains a staff at her home even in death.

One of the most commonly seen apparitions besides the lady herself is that of Maria.

In life, Maria was a Native American servant who lived and worked with the Olivas family.

Maria’s life came to a tragic end when a houseguest desired her, and talked her into visiting a storeroom with him.

In that pantry, Maria was assaulted and violated.

The man cut out Maria’s eyes, and after the deed was done he strangled her.

The body was left under bags of food in the storeroom, to be found by the cook later that day.

The Olivas family were good people, and they were appalled and angered at the heinous crime committed by their guest.

Ghostly Revenge

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One of the Olivas sons led a party to pursue and catch the murderer.

They were successful, lassoing the man around the neck, stabbing him to death, and throwing the body in nearby Saticoy Springs.

The brutal devotion of the Olivas family to their people is perhaps why Senora Teodoro still haunts the site, and why some of her staff have chosen to remain with her even in death.

The Olivas Adobe is a registered California Historical Landmark, and is open to visitors.

Ghost tours are also available through several paranormal investigation agencies in the area, making this a great stop for any traveler interested in the supernatural.