Dreams About Deceased Loved Ones? (Discover Their Meaning)

Are you having dreams about deceased loved ones?

Are you having dreams about deceased loved ones?

Do visions of your recently or long deceased loved ones appear in your dreams?

You’re not alone.

Those we love who have crossed over can and often do come to us while we sleep.

In fact, these dreams about deceased loved ones are so common that they have a name: visitation dreams.

Our loved ones choose to wait until our eyes close because it’s easier for any spirit to communicate with the living while we are asleep.

While we doze, we’re not thinking rationally nor about our ego.

Instead, we’re caught unawares in a space between our reality and the spiritual world – a place where we’re more receptive to the messages.

Have you had a series of dreams about loved ones who have passed over?

Read on to learn what they mean.

– Updated 2/11/2020

Everyday Dreams vs. Visitation Dreams

Sometimes loved ones speak to use to give us comfort in times of trouble.

Sometimes loved ones speak to use to give us comfort in times of trouble.

Not every dream featuring a deceased person is a visitation dream.

Some are simply normal dreams featuring a person who has passed.

In an everyday dream, the deceased person is merely the rational choice to fill a role.

If you’re dreaming about Christmas Eve and your deceased father appears, it may be because you spent so many holidays with him.

It wouldn’t make sense to replace him with a stranger.

How do you know if a spirit visited you?

The easiest way to tell the difference between an everyday and a visitation dream is how real it feels.

Did you feel as though you were really there or was the dream a story you all participated in?

Additionally, if you are unsure whether you received a visit, then it probably wasn’t a visitation dream.

Finally, if you are aware that your relative is dead in your dreams about deceased loved ones, then it is most likely a visitation dream.

If a spirit visits you, you won’t question it nor will you forget the details of the dream for a long time and memories of the dream will leave you feeling warm and at peace.

Why Have My Loved Ones Chosen to Visit Me?

If you’ve experienced dreams about deceased loved ones, it may be for one of many reasons.

Only examining your dream in depth along with what’s happening in your life will let you be certain of the reason.

Sometimes our loved ones come to us to provide us comfort during a difficult period.

In some cases, they have a distinct message they hope to send us – a message that will help us navigate this part of our lives.

Sometimes, your loved one just wants to continue to be part of your life.

Visiting you in a dream is the safest way to do that.

Don’t make the mistake of believing every visit is about you.

In some cases, it is your loved one who needs help.

If their passing was in any way related to you, you might be visited as they continue to question why they have passed over.

They may also come to you to seek spiritual help because they trusted you during their Earthly life and continue to believe in your friendship now.

What Should I Do If My Loved One Needs Help?

To understand what your loved ones are trying to tell you, try to communicate with them even if it seems impossible at first.

To understand what your loved ones are trying to tell you, try to communicate with them even if it seems impossible at first.

Death need not stand in the way of having a relationship with your loved one, especially if they need you.

If your loved one is contacting you because they need help or they want to help you, then don’t shut them out.

Doing so may cause your loved one to leave you forever.

Instead, take steps to communicate.

There are various ways to engage in after-death communication.

The most important step in the process is to engage with the experience.

As you engage more, you will both benefit more.

For example, you might invite your loved one into your dreams.

Or you can set an intention for your dream by asking a question.

You can even write them letters or visit meaningful places.

Meditation is another way to encourage communication.

By improving your awareness and sensitivity while softening other emotions, you may invite your relative to communicate with you while you’re awake.

Watch this video for additional tips:

Embrace Your Loved Ones After Death

We all know that death is not the end, but we become more acutely aware of this when we’re visited by those who have passed on.

If you’re routinely visited by a loved one who has recently passed on, don’t shut down.

Open your heart and your mind and receive the message; you both may find peace as a result.

Have you had visitation dreams? Share your stories in the comments below.