Scary Videos: Chilling Footage Of Ghost Caught On CCTV Camera

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If you like scary videos, you’re in for a fright.

Scary Videos: Chilling Footage Of Ghost Caught On CCTV Camera

Photo credit: youtube/Scary videos

Updated 2/10/2020 – In this video you’ll see an eerie ghost captured by a wireless CCTV camera.

One of the first things you’ll probably be concerned about as soon as you start this video, is whether or not this is going to be one of those videos that have a jump scare, or something that comes flying towards the screen screaming.

We’re happy to tell you that you have nothing like that to worry about.

Instead, this is a genuine video of an actual ghost caught on security surveillance, and there’s nothing cheesy about it.

Creepy Ghost Caught On Home Security Cameras

As the footage begins to play, the first thing you’ll notice is the immersion of background noise that really begins to creep you out.

Hearing the heaviness of the wind, mixed with the sounds of insects is definitely enough to give you chills.

The security camera footage being in black and white also adds to the creepiness of this video.

As your anticipation builds, you finally begin to see something develop on screen.

A woman, dressed in a white gown or even a wedding dress begins to appear from the left side of the video.

The woman seems to be staring right at the camera, looking directly at you, as she walks across the landscape.

If you look closely, you’ll even see that the woman is opaque, as you can see right through her form.

The gown flows in the wind as she makes her way across the landscape — staring at the camera.

The woman never moves closer to the camera.

Instead, she simply walks leisurely across the entire field of view of the camera, until she disappears back into the darkness on the right side of the screen.

Watch The Scary Video:

Is this the video of a grieving widow that decided to go for a walk in her wedding dress, or is the video of a woman returning from the grave, exploring the landscape while still dressed in her burial gown?

Either way, you can truly feel the spectral pain coming through.

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