The Sanger River Road Witch

Scary legends and urban myths are everywhere, and nowhere more than in sleepy little towns like Sanger, CA.

Who didn’t grow up telling stories of the strange white-garbed woman in the haunted house up the road, or of the weird cries coming from a shadowy spot in the park?

The frightening thing, though, is that the old adage “There’s a grain of truth in every story” generally holds true.

The Sanger River Road Witch

Photo credit right: flickr/macpupu

Updated 9/19/2019 – At some point in the past, it’s likely that someone really did see a spirit in that house.

Someone really did hear those noises.

One such tale in Sanger is particularly detailed, to the point that one has to wonder.

Tragedy on Channel Road

Up on Channel road, a mother and her daughter were walking late at night.

It’s a beautiful area to explore, and they were possibly coming back from a picnic or a swim.

Laughing and joking, they weren’t paying attention to the road.

Neither was the driver zooming up the other way.

He was having a fun night, too, to everyone’s loss.

The poor child was struck and killed instantly, while her mother was sent flying back.

Gathering her wits, she ran first to her daughter.

She looked up from her anguish just in time to see the car’s driver, wide-eyed and frightened, lock eyes with her.

To her mounting rage and horror, the driver put the car in reverse and fled the scene with a screech of tires.

For her part, the story goes, the mother silently turned around and disappeared back into the woods.

Origin of the Sanger River Road Witch

Sanger Road River Witch

Photo credit: flickr/macpupu

In the years since the accident, the road has gained a bit of a reputation of bad luck.

It seems that every once in a while, always at night and only when there is but a single car on the road, a strange thing happens.

The engine will suddenly cut out, bringing the car to a gentle stop.

The radio goes haywire.

The doors lock.

Outside, a fog rolls in, and a feeling of dread permeates the very air.

What happens next is terrifying, but perhaps not dangerous unless you’re a very specific driver.

A pair of bright red eyes, apparently unconnected to any sort of head or body, floats towards the car.

Slowly, meticulously, the eyes peer into every window.

They travel around the car, inspecting it, and inspecting the person within.

The grieving mother, so goes the story, has harnessed her rage and anger into a dark power.

She’s searching for the one who killed her daughter.

When she finds him, what will happen after?

Will she still stalk the roads?

Will she move on?

More chillingly, just what exactly will she do to the man?

What form does vengeance take for a grieving witch?

Other Paranormal Activity in Sanger

Sanger is home to more than one such tale.

Channel Road, called Snake Road by the locals, has another particularly gory past.

But that’s a story for another time.

Just drive safe and keep your eyes open for weird activity.

Directions to the River Road Witch

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