Beware The Winding Road That Leads To Hell In San Clemente

Those that are used to leaving behind the delightful city of San Clemente, in Orange County, California, with intentions of heading north know that the Interstate 5 is the best road to drive along.

Updated 2/10/2020 – The I-5 not only connects major cities along the state, but it crosses through it from its most southern to its most northern point, making it a great choice for those who like to drive along the coast.

The only problem is that, with such a long highway, you have access to smaller roads that take you both to places you might want to see, and locations in which you would rather never end up.

A Road That Will Get You Closer To Hell

About five miles after you leave San Clemente on the I-5, there is a narrow dirt road on the right that stretches far to the horizon with no ending point in view.

It is blended in with its surroundings enough to make you miss it unless you know it’s there.

Steering the car to the right to take the sharp turn, you will find yourself driving on a rustic, long and winding road that seems to never finish, something you will soon find out to be closer to the truth than you thought.

It is said that this road is so full of terrors and horrifying things that it must be the door to hell itself.

Stories that surround it are horrible to even listen to, and local people will warn you against driving on this road unless you want to meet a terrible fate.

There’s no shortage of rumors of people who went looking for this road, and never to return.

Presumably, they found it…

A man, who decided not to disclose his name, tells he found his friend’s car, dumped and empty, on the side of the road days after his buddy told him he had found “a long dirt road on one side of the I-5”.

The man states his pal said he wanted to know where the winding road led.

A few days later, his abandoned car showed up, but he never saw his friend again.

Could This Be A Bridge Between Two Worlds?

Could This Be A Bridge Between Two Worlds?


From the moment you make the turn for the road, a feeling of entering another world washes over you and the deeper you go, the more sinister the things you sense around you.

Another older man explains he found himself on the road after accidentally steering right at the wrong place.

He remembers having driven for more than half an hour in his old truck before noticing that he was lost.

“I started looking for a place to turn back and suddenly realized I was isolated in the middle of nowhere with nothing but vastness around me.

I got scared, for some reason, and started driving back to the highway as fast as I could.

But bad things caught up with me, and distant screams and moans followed me all the way.

It was like hearing people burning in hell”, the man tells, still horrified with what he went through.

Could this road be some sort of bridge between the world of the living and that of the dead?

If it is, you might not want to even turn your head at it when you drive along the I-5.