Haunted San Antonio: This Railway Crossing Will Show You Morbid Visions

Taking a walk along a San Antonio railway crossing can make you see some visions that will stay with you forever.

Texas has its share of haunted hotels and locations, but none can compare to the mental torture you could receive if you are not careful.

Updated 2/11/2020 – A little south of San Antonio, this railroad crossing has seen many deaths, some quick and fast, others gruesome and incredibly painful.

Yet, the place seems to draw the attention of many locals and foreigners, and we managed to get one of them to share their experience.

The San Antonio railway crossing might be a window to the past

“We reached the tracks, and followed along.”

Our source, who preferred to be called Peter, and his friends, decided to check out the creepy railway crossing marked by many legends.

“We went there at night, of course.”

Young and brave, the group of friends followed the tracks along, not knowing precisely where it would lead them.

“The first thing we noticed,” Peter said, “was the absence of sound.

I could barely hear my own breathing.”

One of them got frightened.

He began shaking and whimpering as they trudged along by the tracks, asking them to stop.

“When we asked him why, he began to shake uncontrollably.

We tried slapping some sense back into him, but it didn’t work.”

“Then it happened to me,” he said.

“It happened to all of us.”

One by one, they were engulfed in grief.

One by one, they stepped onto the tracks, despite the danger.

One by one, they all heard a woman’s scream piercing the night when before, everything had been deathly quiet.

“We were bent over, shaking and crying.

Then I heard the whistle of a train coming.”

He found the willpower to move away, and his friends followed suit.

The scream got louder, the train seemed to get closer.

Only, there was no light.

Yet, they heard the train coming.

They heard the sounds of bones breaking and flesh piercing, and beneath it all, the woman’s screams got distant and died down.

When love goes wrong, tragedy ensues

When love goes wrong, tragedy ensues


A long time ago, there was a woman of an extraordinary beauty, who captured the eyes and hearts of every man she met.

But she did not want any of them, for she fell in love with a married man.

If she ever had an affair with him, it is not known, the details of her life lost in time as well as her name.

When marriage to an older, wealthy widower had been arranged for her, she begged her lover to take her away.

But her lover had a wife and children to take care of, and would not abandon them for the woman.

Her destiny seemed set, her marriage imminent.

So she went to the tracks to escape her destiny in a way that ensured no one would ever find her and force her to marry.

And the screams of her final moments can be heard years and years into the future at this San Antonio railroad crossing.