Fort Worth: The Haunting of the W.E. Scott Theatre

Stylishly dominating 3505 West Lancaster Avenue, the W.E. Scott Theatre is a versatile 500-seat performing arts venue.

It was made possible by William Edrington Scott, a member of the Tarrant County’s founding families who left behind $3 million in trust to develop Fort Worth’s Cultural District.

Do you enjoy ghosts and theatre in Fort Worth? Meet your Mecca.

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Updated 2/11/2020 – Stepping inside the W.E. Scott Theatre, you’ll be welcomed by a large Italian chandelier and a beautiful mural that tells the history of Greek and Roman theaters.

But if you’re sensitive to the paranormal, you’ll be welcomed by something else –an eerie feeling resulting from the energy left behind by W.E. Scott Theatre’s ghosts.

The Ghostly Guardian of Fort Worth’s Community Stage

Guarding the W.E. Scott Theatre even after his death, William Edrington Scott has been seen roaming its halls.

Legend has it that he tried to create a beautiful theater for his community during his lifetime.

However, he couldn’t live to fulfil his dream.

That’s why he now haunts the finished project.

W.E. Scott refuses to let a single imperfection like a crooked picture affect the beauty of his creation.

In fact, when vibrations from the street tilt the pictures hanging on the walls, he promptly straightens them up.

Unfortunately, while W.E. Scott is a gentle ghost, the other entity at the theater is far from nice.

The Miserable Soul of Kenneth Walker Yandle

Kenneth Walker Yandle worked as an actor and stage hand at the Fort Worth Community Theatre between 1967 and 1970.

The Fort Worth Community Theatre was one of the groups that used the W.E. Scott Theatre for its shows.

A dedicated entertainer, Kenneth slowly became aloof.

According to the Fort Worth Star Telegram, Kenny suffered from depression.

His girlfriend had broken up with him around Christmas.

On January 7, 1970, Kenneth hung himself in the prop room known as The Dungeon.

Sadly, his misery didn’t come to an end with his death.

Even in the present, he can be seen walking across the stage wearing a brown suit.

Many theater workers have heard his manic laughter from underneath the stage.

One of the stage hands even had a closer encounter with him.

According to the story he told investigators, he heard footsteps going down the staircase and into the dungeon, so he went to investigate.

He felt uncomfortable down there and suddenly heard items fall off the shelves.

A nearby drill turned on suddenly near his foot, so he jumped back.

That’s when he felt cold fingers grab him.

Have you seen any ghosts in Fort Worth? If not, you haven't been looking hard enough.

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Looking behind him, he saw a deathly white face with what seemed like gouged out eyes.

But the scariest part was his wide-opened mouth, which was stretched until his torso.

The stage hand regained consciousness when a friend found him sprawled on the floor with the running drill in his hand.

Kenneth Walker Yandle and W.E. Scott may be the ghostly stars of the W.E. Scott Theatre, but there are others haunting the Fort Worth community stage with them.

Investigators have recorded the voice of a woman and children there.

Question is – who will YOU come across while visiting the theater?

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3505 West Lancaster Avenue
Fort Worth, Texas
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