The Ghostly Terrors of Westminster College

If you happen to be applying to schools in Utah, make sure the institution you’re eyeing isn’t filled with ghosts in the night.

Such is the case of Westminster College, a private liberal arts college located in the neighborhood of Salt Lake City.

Westminster is known to be home to several ghosts, many of which are protruding apparitions.

Westminster College

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Updated 2/11/2020 – The college was founded in 1875 as a prep school for First Presbyterian Church of Salt Lake City.

The first college level courses were not offered here until 1897, and the institution officially changed its name to Westminster in 1902.

In 1949, Westminster was accredited as a liberal arts institution.

Today students of any religion are welcome at Westminster, which is no longer exclusive to the Presbyterian Church.

Although the campus is now open to anyone of any religion or race, it is also open to entities not of this mortal world.

Sightings of paranormal activity at the campus have been recorded in books, and handed down from generation to generation.

The Woman in White in Converse Hall is said to be the most widely known of the many entities.

Like most drifting apparitions, her story is a tragic one.

Westminster used to host weddings many years ago.

It is said that the Woman in White was once a beautiful bride that was married in Gunton Memorial Chapel.

She and her newlywed husband had a promising future, which was unfortunately cut short.

When driving to Wendover for their honeymoon, the couple’s car was struck by a drunk driver.

The car wreck was cataclysmic, and both husband and wife died at the scene.

Ghost that haunts Westminster College

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It is now said that the bride’s ghost returns to the last place she was happy; Westminster.

She is said to haunt Converse Hall, appearing in front of student and security guards.

In one instance during the night, a security guards was walking by the building when all of the lights suddenly turned on.

The security guard entered and started turning the lights off one by one at the top level.

When he got down to the first floor, he left the building only to find that all of the lights had turned on by themselves again.

Another spirit is the ghost of Hogle Hall.

One day another security guard was walking around the building at night during winter, and heard a mischievous laugh from a boy.

Obviously too cold out for a young boy to be out that late at night, the security guard was puzzled when he couldn’t find where the laugh was coming from.

The next week the security guard ran into a couple walking down the stairs, who were pale, crying and flustered.

They said that while studying, they saw a boy floating with no legs circle around the room and then disappear out of the window.

So be warned where you might be attending school next semester.

If you’re not bothered by apparitions, ghosts and things that go bump in the night, you might want to apply to Westminster.