Oranum Reviews by Sarah Baker


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Sarah Baker’s Review of Oranum

Using an online psychic network to source a psychic for spiritual reading is becoming popular in the community. In the past, you had to visit a physical location for a consultation, and there was no guarantee that you would get a positive outcome.

With the advent of the internet, dozens of psychic networks started to appear online. While most of them offer a diverse range of psychic services, the only way to contact the psychic was over the phone or through a webchat.

Many people find this method of delivery to be inadequate, and they need to see the psychic face-to-face for a positive outcome. Oranum is a psychic network, based out of Poland, that offers you access to a diverse range of psychic services.

Since you found your way to this article, Oranum Reviews by Sarah Baker, you may already know the above. However, you may be surprised to learn that the difference with Oranum’s offering is that you get a live video call with the psychic of your choice.

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Who Is Sarah Baker?

Hey there :-) I’m Sarah, nice to meet you!

After reading this far you may be wondering, “Who the heck is Sarah Baker anyway?” lol

Well, I’m Sarah Baker (see my picture above), nice to meet you! I wrote this review because I have a LOT of experience with Oranum. In fact, I’ve tried pretty much every psychic service you can think in the last 9 years.

I’m what you would call a “psychic-junkie”, lol!

Because I have so much experience, my friends and family come to me every time they want to know what psychic service I recommend they use.

I take their trust in me very seriously. I also value the trust you are placing in me by reading my reviews. And so, I created this Oranum review to give you the real scoop. It’s written by me, but it’s for you.

Keep reading because you’re going to discover the truth about Oranum, and if they are the perfect fit for you!

What is Oranum?

This Polish psychic forum hosts psychics from around the globe. The site is one of the world’s largest networks, and you get to connect with your psychic of choice via video call. Your reading is in a one-on-one format, and you don’t have to share your time with your psychic with anyone else.

Oracum specializes in hosting psychics that conduct readings with clients. However, the site also has a diverse offering of spiritual advisors that work in specialties like Reiki crystal healing, clairvoyance, mediums, and tarot card reading, to name a few.

Oranum is one of the newer platforms on the internet for psychic readings, but its gaining popularity at a rapid rate. The site’s video-conferencing feature makes them a popular choice, as clients can see their psychic face-to-face.

As a result, you get a deeper connection with your psychic, leading to a better outcome from the session.

How Does Oranum Work?

Oranum reviews by Sarah Baker

Visit the Oranum site, and register for a free account on the platform. After completing your registration, you have instant access to more than 200 psychic professionals in a range of categories.

You have the option of browsing through the profiles of the psychics individually, or you can search through the site for specialists offering the reading you require.

After you find the right psychic for your spiritual needs, hit the “Start Consultation” button, and you’ll get in touch with the psychic through the platform’s video-call function.

The site offers you a free consultation with the psychic, so there’s no financial risk involved. This video call is an excellent feature for newbies to psychic reading that might be hesitant about spending money on these types of services.

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Types of Psychic Readings Offered on Oranum.com

Oranum offers you a range of psychic services. Choose from a list of highly-rated professionals in a variety of specialties. Some of the services on offer at Oranum include the following.

Relationships and Love

If you’re in love, or you’re involved in a committed relationship, some psychics can help you find clarity of your love life. If you feel like your partner is suing you or cheating on you, a psychic can help you understand more about your partner and your relationship.

Clairvoyants and Mediums

These two specializations are among the most in-demand for their services. These psychics can see into the future and the spiritual realm. They could contact loved ones that passed, and provide you with the closure you need if you didn’t get a chance to say goodbye.

Tarot Card Readings

These psychic read tarot cards, providing you with information on your past, present, and future. 

Reiki Crystal Readings

Crystal healing and readings can provide you with insight into your physical and mental health. They use the power of crystals to heal and provide you with guidance.

Interpreting Dreams

These psychics can help you with insights into your dreams and what they represent in your life.

Other services on offer at Oranum include

  • Astrology
  • Palm reading
  • Numerology
  • Sound Healing

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Why Choose Oranum?

There are dozens of psychic sites online. So, why should you choose Oranum? Here are our top reasons why you should consider this platform for selecting your psychic service.

Free Credits

When you sign up at Oranum, you get $9.99 in free credit to use on your first psychic experience.

Webcam Consultations

Unlike other sites that only offer readings via phone or webchat, with Oranum, you get access to your psychic via video call or webcam.

When you can see your psychic, you’ll develop a stronger connection with them, resulting in a better outcome for your reading. You also have the choice of turning your webcam off, but the psychic will always have theirs switched on.

Mobile App

Oranum is one of the few online platforms that offer you a mobile app. Use the app to browse the selection of psychics, book consultations, and host webcam calls with your psychic.

Vetting and Screening of All Psychics

This feature of the site is also critical for your successful reading. Oranum values its reputation and only associates with the best psychics online.

They regularly check through all customer reviews of the psychics on the site, and they take any complaints seriously. The site removes psychics that don’t perform to client expectations.


You also have the opportunity to reach out to other users on the site, creating a sense of community on Oranum. All members must follow community guidelines for a safe experience.

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Pricing and Promotions

Oranum offers new users a fantastic promotional deal. Newcomers to the site get $9.99 in free account credit for registering and signing up with the network. You get a free reading on them.

If you have any suspicion about the free offer, allow me to put you at ease. The special is one-time offer from the site that’s exclusively available for new members only.

Since you’re reading this article, Oranum Reviews by Sarah Baker, I assume you haven’t got a reading with them yet, which makes you eligible to get the one-time offer.

In general, the pricing of psychic readings on Oranum varies, depending on the rates of each individual psychic, and the type of reading you need.

Sarah’s Parting Thoughts: Is Oranum a Scam?

This query is a question that most newcomers to the psychic realm have burning in the back of their minds. Are psychics con artists? Can they really communicate with the spiritual plane?

When viewing the profiles of the psychics you’re interested in using, you’ll see their rating, allowing you to view other client’s reviews of the psychic.

Oranum also offers free registration, and $9.99 in free credits, making your first reading a risk-free experience. You’ll have to decide if you believe in the power of psychics, but there are dozens of sites online promoting a similar service.

Oranum is one of the leading platforms online, and I highly recommend it.

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