Are Mediums Real or Scammers? (Discover the Truth Now!)

Ready to find out if mediums are real?

Ready to find out if mediums are real? Photo: Gunnshots

The question of “are mediums real or fake?” is a complicated one.

There are some frauds out there, but does that mean everyone who claims to have psychic abilities is a liar?

Ahead we’ll give you some evidence that suggests not every psychic medium is a phony.

In fact, most of the mediums are probably the real deal.

Skepticism is important, but don’t let it get in the way of a possibly life-changing experience.

– Updated 10/11/2019

Mediums: What’s Real and What’s Fake

Celebrity Mediums

First, we’ll start with the most visible mediums out there.

While some Celebrity mediums are legit, like the Long Island Medium, others can be hard to take seriously.

Some of the less reputable mediums seem more shocked by their own correct answers than their subjects do.

Then there’s the case of John Edward, one of the most famous and influential mediums today.

He’s helped countless people but some still consider him a fraud medium who has been exposed.

Some people find celebrity psychics hard to believe.

Some people find celebrity psychics hard to believe. Photo: Lwp Kommunikáció

Although it’s impossible to say whether the less reputable celebrity mediums are real or fake, anyone who receives millions for their psychic abilities is automatically suspect.

These individuals may have some inherent intuition, but anything on TV likely exaggerated for ratings

Real mediums feel as though it’s their life’s calling.

Most of them are making less than $50,000 a year, so they aren’t in it for the money.

They can’t ignore their abilities, so they put them to work.

Anyone chasing money and fame probably isn’t worth their price.

Evidence of Psychic Abilities

Although it’s hard to determine whether or not a person can connect to the dead, scientists have conducted several studies surrounding intuition and other forms of psychic phenomena.

What they’ve found is that some abilities can’t be justified with physical reasoning.

The results of the studies vary, but almost all of them conclude that some people just know things.

Science has actually proven the existence of psychic phenomena.

Science has actually proven the existence of psychic phenomena. Photo: Bohemian Baltimore

There’s no logical explanation for a “gut feeling,” but we get them nonetheless.

There’s no reason that we can’t also apply this logic to mediums.

Sometimes, these mediums have abilities that are outside of mortal understanding.

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Government Research

The CIA and other government agencies have been exploring the idea of psychic abilities for a while now.

They probably don’t want the public believing in this power, but are open to the idea of its existence.

Several of these studies have even shown some promise, though others were less successful.

If the government is taking an interest in studying mediums and psychics, they can’t all be faking it.

There are too many psychic mediums to think that they’re all just con artists.

Many of them are genuine and can help you understand a loved one’s passing and put an end to unnecessary suffering.

How to Spot a Phony

Despite the fact that many mediums are what they claim, there is a bit of deception in the psychic business.

The government has done numerous studies to determine if mediums really have psychic abilities.

The government has done numerous studies to determine if mediums really have psychic abilities.

It’s hard to prove these claims false, which leaves the door open to those with questionable ethics who use belief to make money.

Below are some signals that you’re dealing with a fake medium.

Asking Too Many Questions

A fake medium will often ask a litany of questions before you even get started.

They’ll learn as much about you as possible, then use this information to craft a vague story that you’ll likely believe.

They can take bits and pieces of information to create a bigger picture, and make you think they’re connecting to the dead.

Avoid giving away too much information up front.

Once these phonies know about your background, they can use it to make you believe they have psychic abilities.

Vague Information

If you’ve ever heard a medium say a letter is standing out to them, or a particularly common name, they probably aren’t the real deal.

These are nothing but cold reading tricks – guesses so that you’ll confirm and move the process along. See this video for examples:

Don’t let wrong information slide.

If the medium is grasping at straws, don’t fall into the trap of saying, “Well, my boyfriend’s dead uncle’s name is Jim.”

Cold readers can use your age, location, and gender to determine all kinds of things about your past.

Older subjects are more likely to have lost a parent, while younger subjects will probably have lost a grandparent – this doesn’t mean a psychic is legitimate.

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So, Are Mediums Real?

Mediums and other psychics hold a power that the rest of us can’t comprehend.

Are mediums real?

Well, they aren’t all liars and manipulators, so that means that many of them must be telling the truth.

Skepticism is necessary when exploring any type of psychic reading.

Keep an open mind, though, because a large percentage of these psychics are just trying to help people.