Easy Psychic Meditation (These 3 Simple Steps Center You Instantly!)

Easy Psychic Meditation: Ready to discover the truth?

Easy Psychic Meditation: Ready to discover the truth?

Psychic meditation is a tool to use to hone your psychic abilities.

Whether you’ve only recently awakened your psychic gifts or you’re a practiced intuitive reader…

Psychic meditation can help you dial in deeper to your abilities and enjoy clearer visions while you work.

Meditative states allow you to open and focus your mind to concentrate on a reading and the forces around you without having to navigate your way through all the noise associated with daily life.

Unfortunately, the modern world does not lend itself to meditation.

The many stimuli in our lives mean meditation requires extra work for everyone regardless of its purpose.

Thus, it is important to take extra steps to make meditative moments easier to achieve and block out all those distractions that may otherwise prevent us from reaching a deeper meditative state.

We’ve put together a few easy psychic meditation tips that we find are most helpful in achieving a deep, meditative state.

– Updated 2/11/2020

Meditate in a Designated Space

Focus on your awareness when you meditate.

Focus on your awareness when you meditate.

It’s safe to say it’s hard to reach a meditative state if you’re sitting in your kitchen while your family whirls about you.

It’s also hard to meditate in a room where you normally do other types of work.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to center yourself when you have a set meditation space.

When you enter the space, your mind will immediately turn to the task at hand thereby removing many of the barriers that otherwise plague us as we prepare for a reading.

Set up a space – whether it’s a corner or an entire room – where you can be alone and do nothing but meditate for at least 15 minutes.

Keep all gadgets, screens, and clocks away from the space.

No one and nothing should bother you here.

In relaxation meditation, you otherwise lie on the floor.

But if you’re using the session to prepare for a reading, it’s better to sit in a supportive chair in which your feet also touch the floor to keep you grounded.

Meditate Specifically For Awareness

Some meditation techniques allow you to relax your mind and allow visions to come to you.

While a relaxed (but not sleepy) state is required for a reading, it is possible to be too relaxed.

Instead of meditating to clear your mind, meditate for awareness.

What does awareness mean?

It means watching your thoughts and emotions as an observer, noting what you see and feel, before letting them go to deal with later.

Meditating for awareness is a useful method because it provides a technique for dealing with distractions.

If a dog begins barking outside, you don’t need to leave your practice: note the dog barking as part of your meditation then move on.

As you move through these observations, you’ll become more and more centered as the meditation continues.

See this video about guided meditation:

Continue to Persevere

As you sit in your meditation space and begin to become more centered, you’ll find that you begin to enter a void in space.

The void will both cover and fill your body.

New psychics may find this feeling uncomfortable and even alien.

An undeveloped psychic mind may even confuse it with sleepiness and pull back and away from the meditative state.

Meditation is a tool for your life and spiritual well-being.

Meditation is a tool for your life and spiritual well-being.

Letting go is a mistake.

To reach a true meditative state faster and develop your skills, you need to persevere through this otherwise alien feeling.

Slowly, the feeling will fade, and you will leave the other side of the void.

It is only on the other side of the void that you will reach enlightenment and will be able to take your psychic gifts to reach your full potential.

Meditate for Light and Life

Meditation is a free tool to use both for our spiritual and psychic health, and it’s the best preparation a medium can ask for to prepare for a reading.

Although it is a preparatory stage, prepare for it as you would a reading.

Set the stage with a meditation space and meditate not for relaxation or emptiness but attention.

Don’t give up when you reach your goal – what you seek is on the other side.

What are your meditation techniques?

Share your tips in the comments below.