How to Find a Good Telephone Psychic for Reliable Readings

How to find a good telephone psychic

Looking for answers but feel stuck?

I understand.

Sometimes in life talking to a friend is not enough to gain clarity about an upcoming choice you need to make.

There are also times when your life takes an unexpected turn…

Times where you are struggling to determine why it happened or how to handle it.

A psychic reading over the phone may be the answer to help you to gain valuable insight.

The key is to find a good telephone psychic who is reputable and able to help steer you in the right direction.

Updated 2/11/2020

The Difference Between Fortune Tellers and Phone Psychics

It is important to differentiate between a fortune teller and a psychic who gives readings by phone.

This knowledge ensures that you pick the right person to assist you.

A fortune teller can essentially tell you what happened or what will happen.

However, they are usually unable to tell you why.

They obtain their information by using divining objects to interpret events.

Although you can find some fortune tellers who give phone readings, the majority of them only do in-person sessions.

Be especially careful of the storefront fortune tellers.

Many of them have been proven to be frauds.

Usually, someone who has a true gift isn’t going to sit behind a window trying to lure people inside.

Another thing that can happen, is they can try to trick you.

They might say something like, “I can sense something dark coming your way,” then use your reaction to glean info about you and swindle you into getting a reading with them.

In contrast, a telephone psychic can see your past, present, and future.

They may also use telepathy or communicate with spirits.

A psychic provides information to guide you instead of telling you exactly what will happen, why, and what you need to do to manifest an outcome.

And because they can’t physically see you they aren’t able to use tricks to gather information about you based on appearance — thus they are generally more trustworthy than fortune tellers.

3 Ways to Find a Great Telephone Psychic

Look Beyond the Advertisements

Reputable phone psychics often do not advertise their services in a traditional way, such as via television commercials or billboards along the highway.

Many people find them via word of mouth or from reading reviews.

Ask your friends about who they have consulted with.

Some also believe that people experience a natural draw to authentic psychics.

Your intuition, plus the information on this site,  will help guide you to contact the psychic who will best meet your needs.

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Explore Reviews

There is evidence that psychic powers are real, especially premonition and precognition.

Look at reviews that focus on these psychic methods.

If they state that the reader was accurate with these methods, make a note of it.

You can also use testimonials to weed out psychics that do not meet your needs,.

This reasoning could be due to poor feedback or because they use techniques that you have no interest in.

For example, if you prefer a phone advisor who does tarot readings, look specifically for those with this ability.

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Take Advantage of a Free Consultation

Some telephone psychics offer a short consultation that they do not charge you for.

For example, the first five minutes of your phone conversation is free.

Use this time to vet their psychic abilities,  and to determine if your personalities mesh.

Try to do at least three to five short phone consultations before choosing the advisor that you will use.

This method gives you some variety, and it lets you see what types of psychics are out there.

It also gives you a chance to get a feel for what it is like to talk to a spiritual guide over the phone.

With this information, it is easier to find a telephone psychic who can help you to gain some clarity into what is troubling you.

They can also provide some direction about major life decisions that you need to make.

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