What Do You Call People Who See The Future? (Discover The Truth!)

Ready to discover the truth about people who see the future?

Ready to discover the truth about people who see the future?

Oracles, seers, witches…

…these are some of the words used in the past to describe people who see the future.

Nowadays, the words psychics and mediums are often used to talk about people who possess the gift of precognition.

– Updated 2/11/2020

Seeing The Future

It is important to understand that there are different ways to see future events.

Some individuals are able to see future events inside of their mind while others see the future in their dreams.

Some psychics know about future events thanks to messages spirits have shared with them, and some individuals simply know about future events in an intuitive manner.

Everyone experiences precognition in a different way.

It is possible to develop this gift to get more detailed insights into future events and get more frequent visions.

Significant events are easier to see.

There have been reports of people dreaming about the Titanic sinking, or even about 9/11.

However, a lot of dreams or visions aren’t clear and show a future event in a symbolic manner that requires some interpretation.

Those who read the future have a special gift.

Those who read the future have a special gift.

In a lot of cases, people who see the future don’t recognize an event they dreamed about or saw in a vision until after it happens.

And because the future is not set in stone, some of the dreams, visions, or intuitions about the future might never come true.

However, you should keep in mind that it is impossible to look into the future and retrieve information at will.

You wouldn’t be able to use precognition to find out the lottery numbers for the next day or to get the answers to an exam.

You can get a general sense of how things will turn out or see significant events but shouldn’t expect anything more detailed.

Who Can See The Future?

It is undeniable that the people who see the future have a very special gift.

However, it is probable that everyone possesses this ability.

The people who have the true gift of precognition have a special connection to the spirit world and are more sensitive and attuned to the visions they receive.

Think back on your own experience.

Have you ever felt déjà vu in a dream or waking life?

Did you have a dream that came true?

Did someone call you just as you were thinking about them?

These could be instances of your subconscious perceiving future events.

Precognition is the name of the psychic skill that allows you to see into the near and distant future.

Precognition is the name of the psychic skill that allows you to see into the near and distant future.

It is probable that everyone possesses this gift – a scientific study asked participants to predict which images they would be shown next.

Statistically speaking, participants had one chance out of two to guess the right answer.

However, the study found that participants were right more than half of the time.

Becoming conscious of these visions requires some work.

Precognition is like a muscle that you need to develop.

Some psychics are able to enter a trance state to receive these visions, while some individuals find it easier to predict the future with astrological charts or through tarot card readings.

Do Psychics And Mediums Use Precognition?

Psychics and mediums can find out about future events without using precognition.

Because these individuals have a connection to the spirits’ world, it is possible for them to read a person’s energy and to have a vision about this person’s future or to intuitively know about future events connected to this person.

Do you have intuition about future events?

Do you have intuition about future events?

Psychics and mediums sometimes receive messages about the future from spirits who decide to share this information with them.

A deceased loved one might for instance want to let you know about a future event via a medium.

Some individuals possess a true gift of precognition and will see the future in their dreams, be aware of future events through feelings of anxiety, or just have a very strong intuition that some things will happen.

These individuals can usually find work as mediums or psychics because they often possess other abilities.

Take a few minutes to find out about people who predicted significant events throughout history:


The true gift of precognition is a rare thing, even though we all possess some kind of intuition regarding future events to some degree.

You can develop this ability through meditation, writing about your dreams in a journal, and maybe by writing about your feelings if your intuition often turns out to be right.