Too Many Paranormal Anomalies at the Hotel Lawrence Dallas

The Hotel Lawrence Dallas opened in 1925.

While the hotel’s primary purpose was always a means of making guests comfortable overnight, it seems that the hotel’s services varied greatly depending on the needs of the community at that time.

For example, Dallas locals were in want of a casino during the 1920s, and thus an illegal one was started within the hotel.

The Most Haunted Hotel in Dallas?

Updated 2/11/2020 – Two reports of suicide also revolve around the hotel.

A woman is said to have checked into the presidential suite during the 1940s, and jumped to her death that evening.

It’s also rumored that a congressman possibly ended his life at Hotel Lawrence Dallas as well.

Many skeptics have come to visit the hotel—but nothing ever happens during the day.

Instead, the hotels hauntings come alive at night, and take many forms.

Some refer it to being like a switch, the change feels so sudden.

“I was in Dallas for a conference, when my company put me up at the Hotel Lawrence Dallas,” said Georgia native, Felicia.

“Now, I doubt my company would have put anyone in a haunted hotel on purpose, but one of the administrative assistants might have been looking to have her revenge on someone,” she laughed.

“Regardless, the idea of it didn’t really bother me, as I thought I’d be there for such a short amount of time, a ghost probably wouldn’t even notice me.”

Spirited Attentions

“But oh how wrong I was,” Felicia added, shaking her body as if to free herself from goosebumps.

One moment the hotel felt warm, spacious, airy…but the moment the sun went down, it felt like a different building altogether.

As if someone made a Halloween version of it.

“I first noticed something was odd when I was in the shower.

It kept sounding like bottles were rolling off the bathroom counter and onto the tile floor.

But every time I went to look, everything was right where I had left it,” she shrugged,

“Everything got ten times weirder when I sat in a chair to read in my room.

It felt like every time I looked down at the page, I’d hear words that didn’t appear in text.

Like someone was reading to me, but from some text I didn’t recognize at all,” she murmured.

“At that point I kept telling myself that I was exhausted from my flight, and that I would feel much more composed come the morning.

I crawled into the bed and tried to fall asleep.

But when I woke up, it was still in the middle of the night,” Felicia said, frowning.

“Each time I reopened my eyes it felt like hours had passed, but I would look at the clock on the nightstand and it would say that it has only been five minutes.

I was already on edge at that point, when I started to see the shadow of a figure start to dart behind the furniture.

The moment it seemed as far away as it could go, I leapt out of that bed and ran straight to hotel security.

“I’ve been asked to come to Dallas several times since then, and when I stayed at the Hotel Lawrence Dallas, I always made sure I had someone to share a room with.”