25 Pictures That Capture the Thrill and Danger of Summiting Mt. Everest

Ever wondered what an Everest expedition looks like?

Wish you could feel the thrills and danger of climbing Everest…

25 Pictures That Capture the Thrill and Danger of Summiting Mt. Everest

Climbing Mt. Everest

Updated 2/9/2020 – …from the safety of your home?

Well, click through this gallery of Everest expedition images and you’ll get exactly that!

Majestic Everest

At 29,035 feet above sea level, Mount Everest is at the top of the world.

Climbers around the world put it on their “must do” list as soon it was crowned the tallest mountain in the world.

And of course, many of those Everest expeditions failed.

And still fail today.

Over 2,200 people have successfully climbed Everest, but over 200 had died in their attempt.

You might wonder why people want to climb Everest in the first place.

Why mount an Everest expedition when the danger is so high?

To quote George Mallory, an English mountaineer who took part in the first three British expeditions to Mount Everest in the early 1920s: “because it is there.”

He may have given that answer out of frustration of being asked so many times, but his answer does sum up the sentiment perfectly.

In this photo gallery, you’ll see incredible photos of more than one Everest expedition, witness the difficulty of survival in this rugged terrain, and discover the friendly Sherpa’s who are the lifeline for climbers.

In 1852 a Bengali mathematician and surveyor named Radhanath Sikhdar determined that “Peak XV” was actually the highest point on the earth.

Before that, it wasn’t known that Everest was the tallest of mountains.

Sikhdar’s discovery received confirmation in 1865.

India’s Surveyor General Sir Andrew Waugh renamed the mountain Mount Everest after Sir George Everest, the previous Surveyor General and the person overseeing the original survey that listed “Peak XV.”

However, the local Nepalese didn’t need to undertake and Everest expedition to know this mountain was special.

They call it Sagarmatha, loosely translated as “goddess of the sky”.

To the north, the Tibetans call it Chomolungma, or “mother goddess of the world.”

It wasn’t until 1921 that foreigners were welcomed into Tibet.

British Everest expeditions took place soon after.

Peruse through this gallery to view incredible pictures of a modern-day Everest expedition.

25 Everest Expedition Pictures

1) Mt. Everest – The Head of the Sky

25 Everest Expedition Pictures -Mt. Everest - The Head of the Sky - 1

Whether you’re a climber or just a fan of beauty, this image of Everest is simply arresting.

It may appear black and white, but it’s actually a color picture (see the light blue on the left)

(Photo: flickr/paul_hopkins)

2) 6 day drive to basecamp

25 Everest Expedition Pictures - 6 day drive to basecamp - 2

Aside from the trek up the mountain, just getting to basecamp takes a while.

It’s a 6 hour drive!

(Photo: flickr/kenkoh)

3) Tengboche Monastery

3-25 Everest Expedition Pictures - Tengboche Monastery - Tengboche Monastery - Khumbu, Kingdom of Nepal

The beautiful Tengboche monastery in the area.

(Photo flickr/davidschweitzer/)

4) Clear Day

4-25 Everest Expedition Pictures - Clear Day-Everest - 2006

If you’re luck enough, you’ll have clear weather to enjoy.

But remember, the weather can change quick!

(Photo flickr/johnycheesebag/)

5) Valleys and peaks

5-25 Everest Pictures - Valleys and peaks - Periche

While you’re here, enjoy a view or two.

Such as this wonderful view of the valley below.

(Photo flickr/radson/)

6) Annapurna Base Camp

6-25 Everest Pictures - Annapurna Base Camp-Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal - Annapurna Base Camp2

Spend some time Annapurna base camp.

Get to know fellow climbers.

(Photo flickr/david_min/)

7) 22 degree halo

7-25 Everest Expedition Pictures - 22 degree halo-22 degree halo over EBC

Maybe you’ll see something incredible, like this 22 degree halo!

(Photo flickr/radson/)

8) Everest base camp seen from 5,600m

8-25 Everest Pictures -Everest base camp seen from 5,600m- Everest Base Camp seen from 5,600m (18,500ft)

Or perhaps you’ll view the base camp from 5600 meters up!
(Photo flickr/vittoriovida/)

9) Rombuk Monastery

9-25 Everest Expedition Pictures - Rombuk Monastery-Everest from Rombuk Monastery

You can also check out Rombuk Monastery.
(Photo flickr/kenkoh/)

10) Prayer Flags

10-25 Everest Pictures - Prayer Flags

And say a silent prayers while standing under prayers flags blowing in the wind.

(Photo flickr/tonyhodsonphoto/)

11) Enjoying the day

11) 25 Everest Pictures - Let's go

Good weather makes everything better.

(Photo flickr/daveland2011/)

12)  Sherpas – your lifeline

12-25 Everest Pictures - Sherpas - your lifeline

Enjoy meeting the Sherpa’s.

They are your lifeline in this harsh terrain.

(Photo flickr/jmdcaluire/)

13) Guides

13-25 Everest Expedition Pictures - Guides

As well as your guides and advisors.

(Photo flickr/david_min/)

14) Make new friends

14-25 Everest Pictures - Make new friends

Make some new friends with the local children while you’re here.

(Photo flickr/jmdcaluire/)

15) Rest up

15-25 Everest Pictures - Rest up- Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal - Frozen Morning

Then rest up because you have a long day tomorrow.

(Photo flickr/david_min/)

16) Mountain aglow

16-25 Everest Expedition Pictures - Mountain aglow Everest base camp 5365m (Explore)

Enjoy the glow of lights on the mountain but don’t stay up too late.
(Photo flickr/34124465@N08/)

17) Contemplate tomorrow’s expedition

17-25 Everest Expedition Pictures - Contemplate tomorrow's expedition-Boudnath, Kathmandu

Think about what comes ahead tomorrow.
(Photo flickr/kenkoh/)

18) Dream well

18-25 Everest Pictures - Dreams over Everest-Ama Dablam Star Trails

Then sleep and dream a little dream.

Dream of your ascent.

(Photo flickr/3masoncummings/)

19) Blinding light

20-25 Everest Expedition Pictures -Blinding light-LIGHT

Tomorrow is here and your trek begins.

Make sure to wear your goggles otherwise you will experience serious snow blindness.

(Photo flickr/daveland2011/)

20) Ascent

25 Everest Expedition Pictures - torijames - title

Upwards and onwards. make sure you have your oxygen!

(Photo flickr/torijames/)

21) Climbing Everest

21-25 Everest Pictures - Climbing Everest

Do not slip!

Just one misstep could spell disaster.

(Photo flickr/95807446@N02/)

22) Vertical

22-25 Everest Expedition Pictures -Vertical-At the Bergshrund at the start of the Lhotse face

Especially as you climb vertical sections.

(Photo flickr/radson/)

23) Harsh weather

23-25 Everest Expedition Picture-Weather climbing

As I mentioned earlier, weather can turn nasty on a moments notice!

(Photo flickr/gummistori/)

24) On top of the world

24-25 Everest Pictures - On Top fo the world-Traversing the North Ridge of Everest

But when you make it to the top, what a view!

(Photo flickr/kenkoh/)

25) Enjoy your triumph

25-25 Everest Pictures -Enjoy your triumph- Aldas_Everest_Summit

Take some time out to breathe, and enjoy your success.

You’ve summited the tallest mountain in the world.

Something very people can claim to have done.

(Photo flickr/7548220@N07/)

Give yourself a pat on the back before returning home…

Until visions of Everest lure you back again

26-25 Everest Expedition Pictures - Until dreams of Everest lure you back again-Clearing Storm over Ama Dablam
You can’t resist forever…

You’ll be back! (Photo flickr/9372441@N07/)