Dead Patients Lurk at the Haunted House in Diboll

Many native Texans have heard stories of a residential home in Diboll that is haunted by malevolent spirits.

Believed to be a former nursing home, the house was eventually converted into single family living.

Many locals have driven by the house, hoping to catch glimpses of spirits lingering within the house.

The House That Is Not a Home…

Updated 2/11/2020 – Unlike most, one Diboll student, Marcus (Name changed for anonymity), avoids the house at all costs.

“I have a friend who was dared to go to the Diboll house,’ said Marcus.

“I won’t say any names, since he trespassed private property.

“But a couple of us parked in a car down the street and my friend walked to the house around midnight.

My friend gave us a full account of what happened to him a few days later.

We don’t know who owns the property now, but my friend believed that they were out of town that night.

“He made his way into the backyard and jiggled a window up from the outside.

The house was pitch black, but he didn’t dare turn on any of the lights.

Instead he just got out a small flashlight from his pocket, and began exploring each room.

“He told us that the house was incredibly chilly, but that he figured that was just because of the air conditioning being on full blast…

I remember it being a really hot night,” Marcus nodded.

“Anyway, my friend had gotten to the kitchen when he thought he heard someone following him.

Dark Diboll: The Malevolent Apparition

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“He said that every time he walked, he could hear footsteps creeping a foot or so behind him.

But every time he would stand still, the footsteps would stop as well.

It scared him so much at first that he dropped the flashlight, and the glass insert and bulb shattered all over the floor,” Marcus gestured.

“He managed to feel around and grab most of the pieces—or so he hoped.

As my friend meandered from the kitchen into the living quarters, he began to hear what sounded like someone breathing nearby.

He said that it felt like a terrifying game of Marco Polo—he would walk around in the dark, listening to the sound in order to get closer.

“He realized the sound was louder every time he passed by the stairwell.

So he took a deep breath to steady his racing heart, and he began to climb.

He had climbed half of the stairs when clouds moved out of the way of the moon.

“The moonlight beamed down and shown into the house through a window in the family room.

My friend said he could see the bottom half of a spirit, standing on the stairwell right in front of him,” said Marcus, looking freaked out by the very thought.

The spirit had on a simple gown, almost like a hospital gown, and had his hands at his sides.

“My friend tried to peer at the spirit’s face, but it was lost in the darkness of the room.

My friend said he was just about to speak to the breathing spirit when he felt an invisible force strike him in the center of his chest.

Shocked, he lost his balance and fell backwards down the stairs.

“He was as white as a sheet when he came bolting to the car, screaming at us to drive as he jerked the door open.

It took him several days to even speak about the Diboll house after that,” Marcus said.