The Pale Swimming Ghost at Fabens Old Port of Entry

In 1928, a port of entry was created in Fabens, Texas.

Officially declared the Fabens Port of Entry, the facility served as an access point between Mexico and the United States.

Ten years later, a bridge was built at the port entry for faster processing.

Unnatural things can happen when you start to disturb the haunted grounds at Fabens Port of Entry

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Updated 2/11/2020 – Is There a Hidden History at Fabens Old Port of Entry?

Many people believe that prior to the construction of the bridge, a ferry was used to cross the port.

Although the Fabens port of entry was closed on November 17, 2014, many of the buildings of the port entry remain.

Since the closing of the port entry, many locals have reported seeing spirits linger in the area.

One Fabens local still finds her experience at the port of entry hard to believe.

“The old bridge of Fabens is still there, and it’s a nice place to take evening walks around,” said local resident Marie.

“It had been excessively hot the day of the incident,” she said.

“Storm clouds rolled in toward the evening and many people were outside, enjoying the rain.

“It was still so hot though, the rain started evaporating into steam all along the port,” she gestured.

“I made my way toward the Fabens port and began my usual walk.

“As I walked closer toward the bridge, I could see the faint silhouette of someone standing near the water’s edge.

Ghost, Stuck in Time

“Naturally, I didn’t think anything of it—a lot of people were enjoying the brief reprieve from the summer heat,” she shrugged.

“But as I got closer, I could make out more details of the figure and something in my gut told me I was witnessing someone not natural.

“The apparition was misty and hard to see through the rising steam.

The figure was seen in Faben, Texas and still hasn't been explained by anybody.

Photo credit: tumblr/weissesrauschen

“It looked as though he was wearing an outdated swimming outfit, complete with one of those skintight caps on his head.

“I was so shocked, all I could do was stop and stare at the figure, wondering if anyone else could see him.

“I called out to him, thinking that the weather was just playing tricks on me.

“But the more I stared at the figure, I realized I could see the water through his body…

“…I no longer had any doubt in my mind that this man was no longer living.

“The few other locals around didn’t seem to notice him, but they were fairly far away and I don’t think anyone else could see him through the mist.

“He didn’t seem to hear me when I called out to him,” she added.

“I just got the feeling that this spirit wasn’t aware of the living people around him.

“Like he was stuck at another point in time, repeating what he did when he was alive,” she said, raising her eyebrows.

“I was about to call out to him again when the spirit started wading into the water.

“He shifted his water cap as he walked deeper into the port.

“Suddenly he started disappearing, limb by limb, as he got deeper into the water,” she gestured.

“It makes me wonder if anyone drowned in Fabens a long time ago, and now this spirit is re-living his final moments over and over again.”


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