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Ghost of Dead Wolves Terrify Local Man at Brooks Bridge

In 1965, engineers in the U.S. Army Corps began constructing a new bridge over the Santa Rosa Sound at Fort Walton. The 1935 bridge connecting Route 98 to Okaloosa Island had begun to malfunction and needed a quick replacement. But little did the engineers know what this new bridge, due west from the old one, […]

A Myriad of Horrors Haunt This Old Florida Cemetery

The city of Coral Gables holds the oldest cemetery south of the Miami River in Florida. Pinewood Cemetery hosts many families within its grounds, including the final resting places of pioneers that once lived in Dade County. Over the years, Pinewood has been neglected by Coral Gables. Is Coral Gables Haunted? Updated 2/10/2020 – Vandals […]

Pensacola: The Dead Rise at St. Michael’s Cemetery

St. Michael’s Cemetery in Pensacola Florida has withstood the test of time. T he King of Spain declared this space an official cemetery in 1807. His intention was to have the eight acre plot of land be a designated resting space for those of the Catholic Church. Updated 2/10/2020 – However, many sects of religion live […]

Clermont’s Creepiest Dwelling: The Harden House

In a sweet little Dutch Colonial in Clermont Florida, people tend to use the front stairs. It’s not a conscious decision, but there is something disturbing that tickles the nape of their necks on those back stairs, and not in a good way. It’s a shame John Harden didn’t have that sixth sense, but it’s […]

Ghost Of Killer Will Whisper Your Name At This Fence In Florida

Daytona Beach, like most of Florida, is known for its warm weather, and as the name suggests, its beach. But there’s more hiding in this tourism mecca than souvenirs. Wander along one particular Daytona Beach fence and hear the whispers of the dead, quietly begging for mercy. Updated 2/10/2020 – Rumor has it that a woman killed […]

Malevolent Haunting at the Martin House in Panama City

The Martin house in Panama City, Florida was built in the early 1900’s. This beautiful house is currently owned by Rock-Tenn, a paper mill that has been around for 90 years. Malevolent Haunting at Martin House in Panama City, FL Updated 2/10/2020 – The paper mill currently uses the Martin house as a place to […]

Fort Pierce College Students Terrified By Ghost

Students at Indian River Community College in Fort Pierce have long been visited by the presence of a spirit roaming their theater. Students claim that when he appears to them he is shrouded in a blue mist. One account states that when the ghost appears, the temperature in the room drops a significant amount, leaving the […]

The Ghost Of A Dead Actor Haunts This Popular Club In Florida

Welcome to the Cuban Club in Tampa, Florida, a place which the Travel Channel has named one of its ten most haunted places. And rightly so, considering the murders and suicides which have happened here. Updated 2/10/2020 – Originally founded in 1902 as a club for Cuban immigrants (most of whom were in the cigar-making […]

Shiloh Cemetery: A Haunting Off The Beaten Path

Remember the Stephen King novel (or movie Pet Sematary)? Remember how there was the regular cemetery, and there was the one that was behind that one, further out in the back of the beyond? Remember how you had to know it was there to find it, pretty much? That’s kind of how Shiloh Cemetery is. Updated […]

Haunted Clearwater: Creepy Things Happen at Crabby Bill’s

If you’re ever in Clearwater, Florida, make sure to check out Crabby Bill’s Seafood. You’re sure to get a great meal, and if you’re lucky enough (or unlucky enough, depending on how you look at it) you might also get a good scare. Crabby Bill’s Seafood in Clearwater, you see, is widely reputed to be […]

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