The Never-Ending Party at Area 51 Dance Club

If you’re in Salt Lake, Utah and looking for the best place to party with a young and energetic crowd, the Area 51 dance club is what you seek.

Located at 451 South 400 West, the dance club plays techno, house and trance music that will get you to your feet and inspire your hips to shake.

However, don’t expect to carry out a conversation here as the club boasts a crowded dance floor, loud music from live DJs, and themed evenings throughout the week.

Area 51 Dance Club SLC Stage

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Updated 2/11/2020 – Despite the never-ending party scene, Area 51 does have some somber ghostly residents who like making themselves felt, seen, and heard.

The Ghost in the Middle Stall of the Ladies Room

Ghost in Bathroom Stall of the Area 51 dance club

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One of the prominent poltergeist haunting Area 51 Dance Club SLC is that of a clubber who overdosed on cocaine in the middle stall of the upstairs ladies’ bathroom.

According to visitors and workers there, she’s responsible for opening the stall door and flushing the toilet at odd moments despite the club fixing these issues a few times.

Further confirming her presence are her cries and the feelings of dizziness and nausea sober people experience when using the stall.

According to employees, a male presence has been seen wandering around the dance club floor…

The Dance Club Ghoul

Ghost on the floor at the Area 51 dance club

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Unlike the bathroom poltergeist, he’s more proactive, moving around tables and glasses.

However, you may not get a chance to meet him as he usually appears to the staff around closing time.

Aside from ghosts, Area 51 has been the center of different paranormal activities.

Anthony, an employee in 2015, commented to reveal that the club is equally rowdy in staff-only areas.

“There are many places haunted inside area 51.

The most are in the basement.

In the back of the basement there is a ‘blood room’ which there are old splatters of blood everywhere.

They used to slaughter cattle and who knows what.”

“Often I will get called because someone has went into the bathroom and hasn’t come out in a period of time,” he added.

“I will go investigate and no one will be there.

Lights will go on, off or swing randomly.

The scariest thing about area 51 is there are a pair of ice skates that have hung deep in the back of the basement.

No one knows when or where they came from but upon removing them from their hanging place lights will flicker and the building will creek and then the power shuts off until you put them back in their resting place.

Weird thing is there is nothing written on the pillar they hang on but when I took a photo of them the number “30″ appeared scratched into the wood.”

So if you’re in the mood to party in Salt Lake with friends and ghosts, head down to the Area 51 Dance Club for a night of haunted thrills and chills.