Haunted El Paso: The Crying Ghost Bride of Sacred Heart Church

In 1892, Father Carlos Pinto decided to build two new churches as a gift to the Diocese of El Paso.

One of these was a English based Catholic church called Immaculate Conception, while the other was a Spanish based Catholic church called Sacred Heart.

Sacred Heart was officially dedicated on June 9, 1893.

Haunted El Paso: The Crying Ghost Bride of Sacred Heart Church

Crying Ghost Bride at Sacred Heart Church

Legend of the Ghost Bride of El Paso

Updated 2/11/2020 – Since that time the church has been expanded and fully replaced to accommodate a larger gathering of worshippers.

But it has been in continuous service since it first opened its doors.

While many locals know it simply as a place of worship, others view the church as being haunted.

According to a local legend, a beautiful and young Mexican bride was set to marry her beloved at this church during the turn of the century.

She waited for a very long time at the altar before she realized that her lover would never show.

The bride was devastated.

Shortly after this humiliating event, the young woman passed away.

Today, many have claimed to have seen her apparition, crying in the side chapel.

They believe she returns to the church very often, hoping to see her lost love once more.

A young man by the name of Carlos heard the story of the crying ghost bride two weeks after he moved into down.

The story was so eerie and intriguing, he longed to visit the Sacred Heart Church and attempt to see the ghost himself.

One night, curiosity finally got the better of him and he walked the three miles to get to the church.

The Truth About Terror

“It was dark by the time I got there, but there were a few candles still lit for late night prayers,” Carlos said.

“There was one woman kneeling in a pew when I arrived, but I could tell that I had invaded her privacy and she left less than five minutes after I got there.

I admit, I really wasn’t sure what to do once I actually got inside,” he chuckled a little.

“Anyway, I had heard that the ghost bride was most often seen in the side chapel, so I quietly made my way there.

As I walked along slowly, I tried to think of ways to best catch her attention.

I don’t know why but something in my head told me to focus on my crush at school, Cindy…that the bride would be attracted to my feelings of love and affection,” he shrugged, slightly embarrassed.

“I stood against a wall in the side chapel, thinking about Cindy’s pretty dark hair, and shape of her lips, and anything else I could think of about her.

Over the course of fifteen minutes I suddenly noticed that the world around me had turned at least ten degrees colder than before.

It started to feel like I wasn’t alone—and nobody had entered the church during that time.

“As I stood there, shivering, I saw the air in front of me shift and move as if gas was wafting through it.

The waves became more clear, and I was amazed when it started to take the shape of a petite woman, standing not ten feet away from me.

I saw the faintest lines of her face, her shoulders and her long flowing dress appear,” Carlos said, gesturing at his waist.

“As I stood there in awe, staring at her, I heard this voice in my head that did not belong to me.

It was young and sad sounding, and it told me, ‘She is unworthy.’


I said out loud, but right then the flesh began to peel away from her face as she screamed in agony and dissolved before my very eyes.

“I sat against the wall, and knew that the bride had meant Cindy.

That was confirmed when I went to school the following morning only to find out from Cindy’s cousin that she had been in a horrible accident the night before at her father’s lab.

Her face had been splashed with an acidic liquid, burning a large portion of the skin from her face,” Carlos nodded solemnly.