Want to Be Afraid? Explore These 9 Haunted Florida Bridges

No one would ever expect to discover the hidden truth about the haunted bridges in Florida – a State known for its beautiful, endless beaches.

There’s so much happening behind the scenes and under the cover of darkness that even the most jaded person would be at the very least – surprised, if not horrified.

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Updated 2/10/2020 – With rumors, legends and stories about evil spirits, demonic hitchhikers and terrifying curses, these locations will give you a reason to stay away – unless you’re the type of person who enjoys the kind of thrills that could expose your soul to spiritual danger and eternal, hellish nightmares.

9) Bridge of Lions –  St. Augustine

Bridge of Lions - St. Augustine

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When you think of lions you think of strength and courage, so it comes as a surprise when locals report that sudden fear can strike into even the most courageous of souls who journey onto the Bridge of Lions.

Said to be a sinister vortex located somewhere underneath, many have felt the panic as soon as they begin to cross.

A couple setting off to enjoy their day reported how only a second after entering the bridge they felt an all-encompassing sense of heightened anxiety.

They advised that it was like their souls had been injected completely with the very essence of terror, but they returned to normal as soon as they got over to the other side.

8) Old 129 Bridge – Suwannee Springs Park

Old 129 Bridge - Suwannee Springs Park

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The Old 129 Bridge is one of the closed bridges in Florida – that is – closed to vehicular traffic.

A disturbing rumor surrounding the location is that of a nasty witch who is always looking for fresh, unbaptized children so she can cut their fat to use in her evil rituals.

Some say that she’s an apparition of a witch who lived nearby a long time ago, but others report that she is a real-life, insane old woman – doing her best to terrify the locals and whoever else decides to cross the bridge.

You might want to leave the kids at home when checking this place out.

7) Seven Mile Bridge – Marathon

Seven Mile Bridge – Marathon

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With breathtaking views and a long drive over one of the most famous bridges in Florida – including the old bridge still running alongside it – the Seven Mile Bridge is haunted by a strange apparition who creeps out anyone who sees him.

He’s a fisherman, according to witnesses, seen at various designated areas on the second bridge.

The creepy thing about him is the bait he uses – which happens to be human hands.

One woman advised that she was strolling along one afternoon when she saw him.

At first she thought it was quaint, until she saw him hook a hand by the finger and lower it into the water.

When she screamed – he disappeared.

6) Sunshine Skyway Bridge – St. Petersburg

Sunshine Skyway Bridge - St. Petersburg


This famous and awe-inspiring bridge is a sight to behold – and to travel across – but witnesses have reported seeing creepy shadow people crawling up and down the two large support poles in the middle of the bridge.

No one knows if they are ghosts and some say they look like demonic monkeys zipping around.

Several people advise that it’s scary enough to cross the impressive bridge without having to be distracted by these terrifying entities.

What’s worse is that from time to time, they like to jump on the hood of people’s cars and bounce off – like the drivers have hit a pedestrian– creating chaos on the road.

5) Mainstreet Bridge – Jacksonville

Mainstreet Bridge – Jacksonville


There are reports that a serial killer once used Mainstreet Bridge to drop his bodies over the side and that before he was apprehended, he jumped to his death.

Some witnesses advised that he can still be seen carrying limp sacks over his shoulder and dropping them over the sides of the bridge.

One visitor told of the time that he was coming back from a business function late at night, when he saw the killer.

He showed no fear when he pulled over to confront who he thought was a living human being, but he nearly fainted when the ghost turned to look at him with evil red eyes, before leaping over the edge.

4) Selmon Street Bridge – Tampa

Selmon Street Bridge – Tampa


Many people who’ve traveled over the Selmon Street Bridge have reported an odd sensation, like a dampening of their emotions and even the loss of their soul.

This apparently happens due to a curse placed on the bridge by a group of Satanists, according to locals.

Witnesses advised that strange winds whip up on the bridge, stealing souls in its wake.

Some believe that it’s some kind of environmental anomaly, but believers are adamant that the curse is in full force and hell-bent on collecting souls, especially travelers after midnight.

3) Mid-Bay Bridge – Destin

Mid-Bay Bridge – Destin


Visitors driving along this bridge report frightening apparitions flying alongside the cars, who disappear as soon as you look straight at them.

It’s reported that you can see them clearly if you look out of the corner of your eye, which will chill your flesh as their hollow, black eyes seem to look right through you.

Witnesses advise that they follow cars all the way across, appearing in the rear-view mirrors and instilling an overwhelming sense of dread.

One retired cop advised that he was so shocked when he saw the large, dark eyes and the spirit floating next to his car, that he nearly crashed.

2) Sanibel Causeway – Sanibel Island

Sanibel Causeway – Sanibel Island


This lovely bridge and its peaceful surroundings seem to be too serene to have any kind of paranormal activity going on, but witnesses warn against picking up the seemingly harmless hitchhiker seen from time to time after darkness falls.

One young man says that he actually picked him up but wishes he hadn’t.

Once the hitchhiker climbed in and told him where he was heading, a strange noise came from his mouth like a slowly boiling kettle.

The young man was unnerved by the sound which soon became so loud it was deafening.

The hitchhiker’s mouth was wide open like a black abyss, but then he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

1) Bellamy Bridge – Marianna

Bellamy Bridge – Marianna


This adorable bridge is closed to traffic, but visitors report an odd apparition of a horse and buggy that apparently ferries the dead over to the other side.

A local psychic and tarot reader, said that to see the apparition is to know that your days are numbered.

A woman living nearby reported that her husband was walking their dog and soon came home excitedly one day.

He told her about the horse and buggy but she shrugged it off, chalking it up to his overactive imagination.

The next day she found him face down in the garden, after hearing their dog howling mournfully.