Burney: Child Ghost Haunts Black Ranch Road

The town of Burney, California, has a history tainted by death and destruction.

The area itself used to be known as “the valley where Burney died” after a settler who died there in the 1850s, and it’s located at the base of an extinct volcano.

Worse, a dead child haunts the nearby Black Ranch Road.

Burney: Child Ghost Haunts Black Ranch Road

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The Girl in The White Dress

Updated 9/23/2019 – Everyone knows to never drink and drive.

Drunken drivers are responsible for 31% of road deaths in the United States every year.

If someone is foolish enough to ignore public service announcements and statistics and take a drive down Black Ranch Road while drunk, the ghost of a child will appear to take vengeance.

The little girl ghost is dressed in white, and her hair is matted with blood.

She only appears to those who dare to drive under the influence.

If their drinking doesn’t kill them, the fear might.

One witness, torn with guilt, remembers smashing into a little girl on Black Ranch Road.

He immediately pulled the car over and looked for the body but found nothing.

Terrified, unsure of whether he’d murdered a child, seen a ghost, or hallucinated the whole thing, he had no choice but to get back in his car and start driving home.

Less than thirty seconds later, he saw the girl again.

This time, he got a better look at her.

Her eyes were black holes in a pale face.

Blood covered the side of her face and dripped down her chin.

He heeded the warning and never drove drunk again.

What Does the Ghost Girl of Burney Want?

Most people who’ve heard of the ghost girl who haunts Black Ranch Road believe she died due to a drink driving accident.

There is no reason to think otherwise.

She only appears to drunk drivers, and the theory of Occam’s Razor states that the simplest answer is usually correct.

Child Ghost Haunts Black Ranch Road

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However, skeptics of this theory think the ghost girl might have a more sinister motive.

One woman who saw the girl during her own drink driving experience claims the ghost child did not look like the victim of a car accident.

She thinks the little girl is in fact a demon taking on a child’s appearance.

This witness believes that the reason the demon will only show herself to drunken drivers is because the alcohol incites an altered state of consciousness which opens up an individual to supernatural experiences.

After all, every witness has noticed the girl’s haunting eyes.

No human, dead or alive, has eyes like that.

If the specter haunting this road is not a ghost, but a demon, her desires must be deadly.

Beware driving here, and remember to stay sober.

A person risks not just their life but their soul as well when they drink and drive through Burney.

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