The Last Witchcraft Trial


The age old practice of witchcraft has seen an explosive resurgence over the last few decades. In the past it provoked wild and insane persecutions that led to ridiculous witch hunts in which thousands died. The criteria for conviction were often based on hearsay and poor evidence, and the penalties were cruel and unwarranted. Most […]

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Nemesis – Does Another Star Orbit Our Sun?


Some years ago a scientist by the name of Richard Muller formulated a controversial theory regarding the possibility of a second star that may orbit our sun in the outer reaches of the solar system. Formulated in 1983, the theory was designed in part to explain a seemingly regular interval of 26 million years between […]

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Unexplained Materials Falling from the Heavens


We’ve all heard the accounts of strange things falling from the skies. Everything from squid, fish, frogs, cows, and blood have been reported. Recently a woman saw worms falling in Louisiana, and in India, blood red rain was seen. Most of these incidents can be explained, usually by a waterspout or tornado. In the case […]

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Gravity Anomalies


You can’t ever completely escape it. It influences you every moment of your life from birth to death and without it you wouldn’t have evolved. Gravity. After centuries of study, you’d think we would understand it by now. Not so, gravity remains the most mysterious force in the universe today, and this seemingly mundane fact […]

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Gef the Talking Mongoose

Gef mongoose-290x290

In September of 1931 in a small farmhouse on the Isle of Man, the Irving family began hearing odd sounds coming from the attic of the home. Initially, they sounded like a wild animal moving around, but after a time the ‘animal’ began making sounds reportedly similar to those of a baby learning how to […]

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The Sudarium of Oviedo


Lying in the Cathedral of Oviedo, Spain in relative obscurity compared to its more famous cousin, the Sudarium presents a better provenance and history than the Shroud and may be the sole surviving relic of the crucifixion that has made it to modern times. Measuring 34″ by 21″, the Sudarium is a bloodstained cloth purported […]

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Spring Heeled Jack Revisited


Among the oddest criminal cases in history is that of Spring-Heeled Jack. Starting in 1837, with a sighting as recent as 1987, this paranormal creature was said to be capable of very high leaps reminiscent of someone bouncing on springs. He wore a tight fitting helmet and skin-tight clothing described as something like an oil […]

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On Man Eating Trees and Mongolian Death Worms


The twin fields of cryptozoology and crypto-botany are bursting with tales of strange and unusual plants and animals. While the public at large is generally aware of such cryptid superstars as the Loch Ness Monster and the Sasquatch, few have ever heard of the Man-Eating Trees of Madagascar, or the Mongolian Death worms. In 1881 […]

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Titanic and the Paranormal


It’s a sad and historic anniversary, yesterday was the the 15th of April, the 100th anniversary of sinking of the Titanic. Amid the 3d showings of the movie and the wild commercialism that seems endless, I wondered what else might be lurking in the Titanic story within my own field of interest. The Paranormal. As […]

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The Stigmata


One of the most rare and disturbing religious paranormal phenomena is the stigmata, or the manifestation of the wounds of the passion of Christ on the body. These wounds can range from a seemingly psychosomatic feeling of the wounds and the associated pain, but with no corresponding visible damage to the skin, to full blown […]

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The Angels of Mons Revisited


The Korean war was given the moniker “the forgotten war” because of the relatively small amount of attention it received from the public compared to the two world wars. As time has progressed, however, World War I seems to get increasingly less attention, and the Korean war more. As the veterans of WWI die, there […]

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The Booms Beneath – Mistpouffers in Wisconsin


Isn’t it interesting how easily accepted a poor explanation can be passed off? The latest in our constant stream of paranormal happenings that our world is kind enough to dish up are the Wisconsin underground booms. Now, unexplained underground booms are nothing new. They even have a term, ‘Mistpouffers‘ among others, and have been reported […]

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In the small town of Sedlec in the Czech republic is something truly extraordinary. A Roman Catholic chapel profusely decorated with the skeletal remains of the dead. The Sedlec Ossuary 40,000 skeletons were used in the decoration of the chapel, with the bones forming up chandeliers, coats of arms, and other accents to the gothic […]

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If Looks Could Kill – The Evil Eye Throughout History


They’ve always said that the eye is the window to the soul. Perhaps the real truth is that it is the window of intent. When you drive on the highway and get cut off, the first thing you do is give a sharp glare at the offender, though some of us choose to complement it […]

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The Ghost of Xunantunich


Belize does not immediately come to mind when thinking of hot bed areas for ghostly activity, but in fact it has one of the more intriguing and long-lasting ghost stories I’ve run across in recent years. The ancient Mayan ruin of Xunantunich lies about 80 miles west of Belize City. The phenomena is so strongly […]

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The Strange Sea – A Few of Our Favorite Ghost Ships

In 1880, the future King George V of England and his brother Prince Albert Victor (incidentally a suspect in the Jack the Ripper case) saw a ghost ship while serving in the Royal Navy aboard HMS Bacchante. It appeared around 4 AM off the coast of Australia, glowing with red light with all sails set. […]

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The Bizarre Case of Ninel Kulagina


If you research a list of psychic abilities, Psychokinesis, or the ability to manipulate objects with the mind, is one of the most notoriously difficult to prove powers. Most famously Uri Geller achieved fame in the 1970’s with his seemingly amazing ability to bend spoons with nothing other than the power of his mind. Early on […]

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The Mystery of the Singing Stones


Still standing after nearly 3,400 years, two statues of the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep III stand guard over a temple that no longer exists. They are called the Colossi of Memnon and remain to this day one Egypt’s major archaeological tourist attractions. At one time, however, they were more notable for the sound they made […]

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5 Most Eccentric People

Scary Little Angel With Pointed Teeth

In a world growing increasingly interesting by the day, we humans have our fair share of centerpieces for human eccentricity. Today we’ll take a look at some of the people that make you think just a little harder about yourself, and just how normal you really are. Here is our List of the 5 Most Eccentric […]

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Can You Lure The Jersey Devil With Cake?


Interestingly enough, a reader sent in this comment in regards to our article, “Is the Jersey Devils Range Increasing?” “Heyy, My name is Victoria and I am starting a report on the JD (Jersey Devil) also known as the MLD (The Mother Leeds Devil)…People say when you make the Jersey Devil Cake and put it […]

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Into thin air – Do humans just disappear?


I remember reading as a kid about Benjamin Bathurst, David Lang and Oliver Larch. All three have strange stories of inexplicable disappearance. When reviewing these tales there are no accounts of UFO’s carrying them off, no portals to other dimensions, and no murderous intrigues. They simply were there one moment, and gone another. I recently […]

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What are the chances?


What are the chances? A look at extraterrestrial life in our solar system: Life, at least on our world, is an extraordinarily resilient and hearty thing. You can go miles into the earth’s crust and find living microbes. You can journey to the frozen poles – that in some ways mimic the harsh conditions on […]

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Is Lumley’s UFO still out there?

On October 19, 1865 the Missouri Democrat newspaper printed a truly extraordinary article. Not prone to exaggeration, this paper would spend the next few decades as the flagship conservative newspaper for the St. Louis area, before merging with another paper and becoming the famed St. Louis Globe-Democrat, one of the nation’s foremost papers until ceasing […]

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The Bloodless Vampire

true evil

In the west, we tend to categorize everything. We try to come up with rules and regulations that define what something is, sometimes to desperate lengths and great frustration when something just doesn’t fit. Mythical creatures are no exception. We view the vampire as a blood drinking undead human, and a werewolf as a living […]

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Is The End Near Yet?

evil forces

The world has been ending for thousands of years. Early Christians believed the end would happen in their lifetime and that the Roman Empire represented the last gasp of humanity. As it turns out, it was one of the first gasps in the birth of the modern world in which we live. In the year […]

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The Phantom Black Cat of Washington

The Phantom Black Cat of Washington

This week seemed an apt time to ponder our nation’s political ghosts. We all know Abraham Lincoln haunts the White House along with Andrew Jackson and a host of first ladies, Woodrow Wilson is seen in a rocking chair at Blair House. A great many ghosts are associated with the other federal government buildings in […]

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What did Vela see?


On September 22, 1979 an aging satellite named Vela 6911 detected two very distinct flashes in the vicinity of the Indian or South Atlantic oceans that supposedly could be only one thing: a nuclear detonation. The Carter administration held an emergency meeting, other satellites were enlisted to see if they saw the detonation, which they […]

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Would You Live in a House Where an Exorcism Was Performed?

Haunted barn near Fort Davis

We’ve all seen “The Exorcist”, the infamous film based on William Peter Blatty’s equally infamous book. We also know that Blatty based his story on something that really happened, the exorcism of a boy in 1949 that took place at no less than four different places during the months-long exorcism. For years it was thought […]

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Who was Feodor Kuzmich?

ghosts are willing to play

I like to take staged disappearances with a grain of salt. I mean really, every time someone noteworthy disappears, imaginations go wild. Questions are asked about what really happened and before long you have Elvis faking his death, Emilia Earhart spending time in a Japanese prison camp, and most recently Steve Fossett living abroad in […]

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Is the Jersey Devil’s range increasing?


New Jersey’s pine barrens might qualify as the strangest stretch of woods in the world. It is completely out of place, a huge thick pine forest with only a sparse rural population situated among developed and largely urban New Jersey. The Pine Barrens is just the type of place for a cryptid, and boy does […]

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The Mad Gasser Of Mattoon


In late 1944, the unlikely small town of Mattoon, Illinois was the setting for one of the most interesting unexplained crimes that the United States had ever seen. During the two weeks between August 31 and September 13 of that year, there were over 20 reports of citizens being temporarily paralyzed by a mysterious odor. […]

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The Tale of The Chinese Wildman

Artists Concept of a Yeren

Due to the breakout success of our first article, The Himuro Mansion Haunting, we’re going back to Asia for the wild tale of a red haired, human like animal believed by the locals to be a man eating prehistoric caveman, and by scientists to be an extinct primate. The story is a familiar one (Bigfoot […]

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Backpackerverse’s Top 10 Unexplained Phenomena – Part 2


Welcome back to Backpackerverse’s Top 10 Unexplained Phenomena. We hope that you enjoyed the last installment of our favorite unexplained, mysterious and just plain weird happenings. In the final 5, things get weirder as we highlight some of the darker unexplained phenomena that has intrigued us. As noted in the comments of Part 1, we […]

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Backpackerverse’s Top 10 Unexplained Phenomena – Part 1

Skeptics and believers alike, nothing gets people talking and debating like a good old urban legend or ghost story. What’s even better, is when there is no definitive answer as to whether the event happened or not, and why. Here at Backpackerverse, this is our modus operandi…to bring to you, our beloved reader the most […]

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The Himuro Mansion Haunting

The Himuro Mansion Haunting

According to urban legend, lying just beyond the city of Tokyo is one of the most haunted locations in all of Japan. The exact location of the Himuro Mansion (or Himikyru Mansion as it is sometimes known) is widely unknown but the legend puts the mansion in a rocky region just beyond the city limits […]

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