Beware The Evil Entity Lurking In This Florida Barn

Creepy Barn in Micanopy, Florida

Micanopy is a sleepy town in Florida, sometimes even called “The Town that Time Forgot.” With old buildings and a population of less than a thousand people, the name is not surprising. Despite that, Micanopy has a charm of its own. With nearby trails like the Chacala Trail and a yearly art festival, Micanopy attracts […]

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Haunted Crescent City: Beware The McNulty House Apparition

Beware the Mcnulty house in Crescent City

There are many historic homes in Crescent City, California. During the late 1800s many people flocked to the town in order to build their homes and begin their lives. The McNulty house was built in 1897, and was the home of Mr. McNulty and his wife, Lillian. A Dying Wish Lillian outlived her husband by […]

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Texas Terror: Ghost of Murderer Haunts This Intersection

wichita falls, tx - Hammon and Hatton streets cross is said to be incredibly haunted

Known as the home for the infamous Witches Gate house, Wichita Falls is also the site of another spooky location, shrouded in legend. This location is not a house, but an intersection. Where Hammon and Hatton streets cross is said to be incredibly haunted. The Wichita Falls Hook Murders According to this story, many years […]

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The Best Camera For Hiking And Backpacking (2019 Review)

Best Camera For Hiking

The perfect camera can make a hike even more enjoyable. Photo: Kat Terek/flickr Looking for a good camera that you can take hiking? With all the choices available in 2019 it can be tough to choose. The best camera for hiking needs to be both relatively lightweight so you can lug it around with you easily, and […]

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Beware The Haunted “Ghost Shack” At This Old Florida Cemetery

Sylvan Abbey Memorial Park

In 1853, the Sylvan Abbey Cemetery was built in Clearwater, Florida. Now called the Slyvan Abbey Memorial Park, the cemetery is home to the county’s oldest recorded burial. But history is not the only thing this memorial park is steeped in. The Clearwater Pitchfork Murders According to local legend a small, dilapidated shack is on […]

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Ghostly Bodies Continue to Float Down This Old California Creek

Take a walk near this California creek.

During the early 30s, Mead Valley, California was home to much turmoil and strife. Racial tensions were high, in great part thanks to a local hate group/cult that allegedly met nearby. Intolerant and angry, the group met one evening to plan a horrendous crime. Over the next couple of nights they snuck around the streets of […]

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The 10 Best Hiking Sunglasses for Men & Women (2019 Review)

Best Hiking Sunglasses for Men and Women - Ftr

The best type of hiking sunglasses are functional and stylish. Photo: Ryan Dearth/flickr Looking for the best hiking sunglasses? We get it. When you find yourself hiking on a sunny day, high quality sunglasses are critical. Not only will they protect your eyes from the sun’s rays and give you sharper, clearer vision when you’re out venturing… But they can […]

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The 6 Best Hiking Boots And Shoes For Big Guys

The 6 Best Hiking Boots And Shoes For Big Guys

When you’re a big guy, only the best hiking boots will do. Photo: musguy/flickr Is it time for a new pair of boots or shoes? Well, if you are anything like us, you would much rather be on a trail than in a mall. The thing is… Finding the right boots can be a challenge, […]

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10 Best Hotels Near Disneyland for Families (Top Kid-Friendly Picks)

The Great Wolf Lodge is one of the Best Hotels Near Disneyland for Families

Staying at one of the best family hotels near Disneyland will create lasting memories. Are you trying to plan the perfect vacation with your loved ones? Looking for a great family hotel near Disneyland? We get it. Trips with kids often involve amusement parks, and what better place to go than Anaheim, California? Disneyland and […]

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