Ghostly Bodies Continue to Float Down This Old California Creek

During the early 30s, Mead Valley, California was home to much turmoil and strife.

Racial tensions were high, in great part thanks to a local hate group/cult that allegedly met nearby.

Intolerant and angry, the group met one evening to plan a horrendous crime.

Updated 2/10/2020 – Over the next couple of nights they snuck around the streets of Mead Valley terrorizing locals, and rumor has it things got very out of hand and went way too far.

Bodies in the Water

The crimes were so heinous that it’s rumored that local politicians kept the stories from gaining national cover.

Still, word spread and many people have not forgotten what took place there.

Mary (Name changed for privacy), a local resident, was just a small child when the events took place, but she heard about them a few years later from some kids in the neighborhood.

She remembers that day with perfect clarity.

“I was seven at the time,” she told us.

“Obviously I knew that killing people was bad, but I didn’t understand the ramifications of what had taken place at that age.

“When the neighborhood kids told me about the dead bodies floating down the creek, I became really frightened.

I found myself thinking about that before I went to sleep each night.

I would frequently sleep walk when I was young, and I was always afraid that I would wake up to find myself standing by the creek in the middle of the night,” Mary admitted.

“I think it was because of that active fear that it wound up happening.

It was gradual at first.

The first night I woke up standing in the front lawn outside our house.

“On the second night I was half a mile away, curled up on the side of the road.

By the fourth night, I found myself waking up beside the creek, surrounded by trees.

I remember begging my parents to tie me up before bed, or to lock my door at night.

“They refused, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to flee the house if there was a fire or an earthquake,” she said with a grimace.

“So I just had to endure.

I had hoped that since I had walked to the creek and nothing happened, I could dismiss the stories and no longer fear the creek…but it wasn’t that easy.

Blood in Mead Valley

Floating hands in the creek.

“A month passed before I found myself waking up beside the stream.

It took me a few seconds to realize where I was, but the moment I did, I became very afraid.

It had been raining for three days straight, but it had cleared and had gotten warmer right before the sun went down.

“Everywhere in Mead Valley, water was turning into steamy mist and causing an eerie mist to form all over town.

The creek was just visible under the mist, and I began to hear the soft gurgle of something moving in the water,” she said, making undulating movements with her hands.

“I didn’t want to look, but at the same time I had to look.

“I peered through the steam and I thought I saw bodies floating face down with the current, but they were wearing old-timey clothing like they were from 100 years ago.

I ran screaming through Mead Valley and refused to go anywhere near the creek since that night.”