5 Most Eccentric People

In a world growing increasingly interesting by the day, we humans have our fair share of centerpieces for human eccentricity.

5 Most Eccentric People


Updated 2/11/2020 – Today we’ll take a look at some of the people that make you think just a little harder about yourself, and just how normal you really are.

Here is our List of the 5 Most Eccentric People.

5 Most Eccentric People

#5. Alfred Mehran – The Terminal Man

We’ve all heard of people living in some strange places, but this guy just might take the cake.

Alfred is an Italian refugee who presently resides in the Charles De Gaulle Airport Terminal, and has done so since 1988.

The story goes that he was expelled from his home country of Italy and decided to move to the United Kingdom.

There was just one problem.

Alfred lacked identification.

Doing what he could, he claimed that his bag was stolen and that he’d lost all of his forms of ID and important documents.

Surprisingly, he managed to fly out but failed to seal the deal all the way through.

When he arrived, officials sent him right back to Charles De Gaulle.

Since Alfred didn’t have any papers when he arrived BACK in town, he couldn’t prove who he was.

Alfred has since lived in the Airport Terminal at Charles De Gaulle.

#4. Lina Medina – The World’s Youngest Mother

This Peruvian was, and is to this day, the world’s youngest mother – at the age of five.

Doctor’s were stunned when they examined Medina’s growing belly, only to discover that she was pregnant.

Up to this day, Median refuses interviews and very scarcely talks about the unique experience or it’s origin.

Doctor’s found no evidence that the pregnancy did not occur in the normal manner but some say there must have been another cause.

#3. Noel Godin – Modern Robin Hood

Noel Godin is the epitome of a cartoon clown, with a vengeance.

Godin makes his living and his rounds flinging cream pies at people.

Traditional targets for this fluffy assault have been those “lacking in a sense of humor” or people that Godin believes to be “Self Important”.

Perhaps the most famous victim on guerrilla pie warfare has been Bill Gates.

In 1992, Godin and his team attained the cooperation of nearly 30 people in order to take Bill unexpectedly and pelt him with cream pies.

The event went off without a hitch and Noel Godin has been the world’s most famous practical joker ever since.

#2. Simeon Ellerton – The Natural Carpenter

Simeon Ellerton lived in a small village during the 18th century.

He loved to exercise, so much in fact that he would often deliver messages and packages from here to there just to get around.

As time went on, Ellerton thought that he would eventually build himself a house but didn’t know how he was going to do it.

One day while delivering, Ellerton picked up a stone and subconsciously carried it along with him to his destination.

This triggered an epiphany.

From then on, every time Ellerton would deliver anything, he’d pick up a stone and carry it with him.

After many years, Ellerton produced a massive collection of stones and eventually built himself a modest house using them.

It is often rumored that even after Ellerton’s house was built, he felt uncomfortable without his stones, so he’d continue to pick them up while walking until the day he died.


#1. Sir George Sitwell – Eccentric Extraordinaire

Sir George Sitwell didn’t have just one odd quality, but a host of them.

This is a man who got so annoyed with insects and wasps living in his household that he invented a firearm for hunting them.

Sitwell had upwards of seven libraries, attempted to pay his son’s tuition with produce, having the animals on his farm stenciled in blue and white to make them more pleasing to the eye, and a host of other things.

George Sitwell is most famous for his audacious way of talking with people.

A quote, widely cited from George’s house in England reads: “I must ask anyone entering the house never to contradict me or differ from me in any way, as it interferes with the functioning of my gastric juices and prevents my sleeping at night.”