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The Best Camera For Hiking And Backpacking (2017 Review)

The perfect camera can make a hike even more enjoyable. Photo: Kat Terek/flickrLooking for a good camera that you can take hiking?With all the choices available in 2017 it can be tough to choose.The best camera for hiking needs to be both relatively lightweight so you can lug it around with you easily, and durable […]

The 10 Best Hiking Sunglasses for Men & Women (2017 Review)

The best type of hiking sunglasses are functional and stylish. Photo: Ryan Dearth/flickrLooking for the best hiking sunglasses?We get it.When you find yourself hiking on a sunny day, high quality sunglasses are critical.Not only will they protect your eyes from the sun’s rays and give you sharper, clearer vision when you’re out venturing…But they can also […]

The 6 Best Hiking Boots And Shoes For Big Guys