Marin Attack Trail Pro Review (Full Suspension Mountain Bike)

Get the gnarly details in this Marin Attack Trail Pro review.

Get the gnarly details in this Marin Attack Trail Pro review.

Scouring product descriptions for hours might help you decide what mountain bike to purchase, but it can also drive you crazy.

Between technical specifications and measurements, plus pricing variations and extra options, it’s hard to feel secure in your decision without all the relevant background information.

That’s why I’ve created this Marin Attack Trail Review- to save you time and energy comparing mountain bike models and scouring online reviews.

With all the pros and cons, features, and alternative options, I know what matters when it comes to the mountain biking experience.

You don’t want to take chances when it comes to a purchase of this magnitude, especially if you’re a professional mountain biker that depends on your ride for your livelihood.

Regardless of your riding level or background, here’s what you need to know about the 2017 Marin Attack Trail Pro to make an informed buying decision.

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An In-Depth Review of Marin’s Attack Trail Pro MTB

Things to Consider Before Buying A Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Why are you shopping for a full suspension mountain bike? For professional use in competition, or for personal use in a recreational capacity? What you intend to do with your bike dictates what features you’ll need and how much you can justify budgeting for the right bike.

Before buying, consider:

  • What capacity you plan to ride in (professional, recreational, leisure)
  • What features are necessary for your daily needs
  • How much you’re willing to spend for extra features

Who Should Buy Them

Professional riders with their eye on the prize should consider a full suspension mountain bike for a responsive and comfortable ride that doesn’t sacrifice performance. For cyclists intending to go pro, upgrading your ride can only help hone your abilities on the trail.

Who Should Not Buy Them

If you’re planning to dabble in mountain biking but don’t have much on-trail experience, investing in a full suspension mountain bike is likely a waste of time and money. Serious mountain biking isn’t a leisurely activity to do on the weekends. It’s a potentially dangerous sport that requires focus and commitment.

What Is The 2017 Marin Attack Trail Pro?

The Marin Attack Trail Pro is a robust full suspension mountain bike with an enhanced carbon fiber frame and a whopping 150mm of travel. This beast of a bike goes big on features without going big on size or weight.

Marin promises that the Attack Trail Pro will suit enduro and all-mountain riding in a lightweight package. 12-speed gears and trail-ready tires mean you’re ready to shred it up on the track or trail.


  • Suspension: 200mm (rear)
  • Tires: 27.5”x2.3”
  • Gears: 1×12
  • Frame: carbon
  • Weight: lightweight

What Is It Best For?

The Attack Trail Pro is a beefy bike that packs a punch when it comes to not only suspension but shifting and braking as well. A SRAM X01 Eagle 1×12 speed gets you moving while SRAM Guide RS Hydraulic Disc brakes pack 200mm/180mm rotors for quick and dirty stopping.

Although its total package is feature-rich, from the RockShox Monarch Plus Debonair rear shock to Marin’s trademark Bear Claw Bottle Opener front derailleur, this bike isn’t overly heavy when it comes time to perform.

As always, this class of bike requires that you install your own pedals, so that’s one element that’s not available at the time of delivery. A trail-ready tire package includes a front WTB Vigilante 2.3” and a rear WTB Breakout 2.3”, prepping you for the mountain out of the box.

In comparison to Marin’s earlier model, the Mount Vision Pro, the Attack Trail Pro offers more travel in the fork and a more robust suspension package. Also, the newer Attack Trail Pro utilizes a carbon fiber monocoque frame, which means the bike’s skin carries the load, rather than an internal frame.

However, both bikes offer similar features when it comes to points like the dropper post seat with remote access and gear shift speeds.


  • QUAD 3 suspension platform with 150mm of travel make this bike a beast when it comes to conquering terrain
  • Lightweight while accommodating multiple sought-after features
  • Feature rich for the price point


  • Higher-end bike means higher-end price tag
  • Enhanced frame might be bulkier than what riders normally handle
  • Carbon fiber can sustain damage as it ages, meaning the longevity of this bike may not match its price point for lifetime riders
Ready to hit the trails?

Ready to hit the trails? Photo: Robert Tadlock/flickr

Features and the Benefits You Get

A strong competitor when it comes to a smooth and responsive ride, the Attack Trail Pro holds its own against comparable bikes when it’s time to perform on the trail.

Adaptive features help hone your experience and let you reach peak performance levels.

Robust Carbon Frame

Lightweight carbon creates a frame that’s easy to handle and responds in technical situations. Second only to titanium in the featherweight category, carbon is often the top choice for bicycle construction because of its strength and trim profile.

When you’re biking in competition or over challenging terrain, additional weight in your bike frame doesn’t help physical exertion or overall bike performance. Opting for carbon means you’re carrying less weight than aluminum or steel frames.

SRAM Eagle X01 Shifting Technology

A 12-speed rear derailleur, 10-50 cassette, and a carbon fiber crankset, this SRAM Eagle shifting technology keeps the bike’s weight low and improves efficiency with a lower chance of dropping chains. 12 speeds give you range and adaptability to any trail condition.

RockShox Pike RCT3 Fork

A massive 160mm of travel results from the RockShox Pike RCT3 Fork, outstripping other bikes with similar stats. The rear shock doesn’t disappoint either, with a RockShox Monarch Plus Debonair at 200x57mm.

Tubeless Ready Wheels

This bike arrives with a Stan’s No Tubes Flow MRK3 Pro Wheelset. You can either keep the Vigilante and Breakout tires that come stock or put on your own tubeless tires without any extra work. Tubeless tires typically weigh less than tires with tubes, keeping your overall weight low for trail rides where it matters.

Also, tubeless tires allow for lower tire pressure, which helps you maintain ground contact and therefore overall bike performance. Odds are you’ll experience less flat tires with tubeless tires over traditional tube tires.

Feel the rush.

Feel the rush. Photo: Dai Williams/flickr

What Makes This Marin Trail Bike Unique

Marin’s no stranger to impressive builds, but the Attack Trail Pro fits the bill for impressive selling points. From its construction to its technology to its additional features, here’s what makes this trail bike unique.

Carbon Fiber Enhanced Frame

Monocoque is a structural technique that places an object’s load-bearing structures in the “skin” rather than in an internal frame. Much like an eggshell, the skin of the structure carries tensile and compressive forces. This method creates a strong shell on the outer surface without adding weight to the overall composition.

While not unusual in the motor vehicle industry, carbon fiber enhanced monocoque frames most often make appearances on airplanes and rockets. Suffice it to say, finding this type of structural work on a bicycle is uncommon and an impressive engineering strategy to keep your ride lightweight yet strong.

KS LEV Integra Dropper Post

Dropper post seats are common in the high-end mountain bike market, so this one’s no real surprise. What’s unique about Marin’s offerings on the Attack Trail Pro is the Southpaw Remote, which allows you to control the dropper post manually at the handlebars.

With remote control, there’s no need to go hands-free while you try to adjust the dropper post. This means you’re more likely to use the feature and can adapt to scenarios that benefit from a lower center of gravity.

This feature helps out in a ton of situations, from navigating tight angles to following sweeping curves without losing control. Plus, riders that are shorter in stature can quickly adjust their seat height and easily reach the ground when stopping.

Sizing Chart

Marin Attack Trail Pro Sizing Chart


At $4,499.97, the Attack Trail Pro ranks highly on the value chart, with a ton of bang for your buck. The enormous suspension package and tech specs warrant this high price point, but for serious mountain bikers, this is a manageable investment.

Alternatives to the Attack Trail Pro MTB

If you’re wondering what else is out there that competes with the Attack Trail Pro, here are three alternatives with similar specs.

  • 2017 Marin Mount Vision Pro: This full suspension model is Marin’s flagship trail bike and boasts a full carbon frame, 140mm of travel, and tubeless tires. An Integra Dropper Post and Southpaw Remote offer the same seat adjusting accessibility as the Attack Trail Pro.
    While its suspension package isn’t quite as impressive as the Attack Trail Pro, the Mount Vision Pro does utilize IsoTrac suspension and a RockShox Pike fork on the front and a Monarch Plus rear suspension kit. The combination of Stan’s No Tubes Blow MRK3 rims and WTB Trail Boss tires deliver a trail-ready ride that can handle nearly any terrain.
    Click or tap here to see the Marin Mount Vision Pro.
  • 2018 Marin Wolf Ridge 9: This bike can do it all. Whether the rider is partial to cross-country, enduro, or all-mountain, this full-suspension 29er will suit them well. The climbing/descending capacity of the Wolf Ridge 9 is second-to-none thanks to its 160mm Naild R3ACT-2 suspension system.
    The Wolf Ridge 9 features a full-carbon unidirectional frame for support. The wheels are highlighted by Stan’s NoTubes FLOW MK3 rims and Stan’s NoTubes Neo hubs with Boost spacing. A set of WTB Vigilante and Breakout tires that can handle tough terrain top it all off.
    Click or tap here to see the Marin Wolf Ridge 9.
  • 2017 Marin Attack Trail 7: Functional as an enduro or purely mountain bike model, the Attack Trail 7 is similar to the Attack Trail Pro in terms of its strong suspension package. With an X-Fusion O2 Pro RXC shock at 200x57mm, this bike’s performance is robust.
    Double wall alloy rims accommodate tubeless tires, with two Schwalbe Hans Dampf 27.5”x2.35” tires on out of the box. A Trans-X Dropper post lets you customize seat height on the go, but this model lacks an option for remote control of the feature.
    Click or tap here to see the Marin Attack Trail 7.

Review Conclusion

Updated 2/9/2020 – Overall, the Marin Attack Trail Pro meets the demands of professional mountain bikers and recreational riders looking for an ample suspension package that takes the shake out of rocky terrain. Its lightweight frame design incorporates advanced techniques that shape carbon for optimal resistance to damage.

Technical perks like the remote control feature for the dropper post seat and the tubeless tires translate into a responsive ride that allows for customization out of the gate each ride. The ample 12-speed gear set ensures you’re ready for whatever mother nature throws your way.

Whether you’re riding purely on rough trails, taking a spin on a track, or traversing aggressive terrain on an incline or decline, the Attack Trail Pro can take the heat. Plus, at the end of the day, the bike’s onboard bear claw bottle opener lets you crack open a refreshing beverage to relax, so that’s another perk you can’t quantify.

Hopefully this Marin Attack Trail review has introduced you to the bike and all its perks, but if you’re considering buying one of your own, check it by clicking the button below.

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