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Breezer Supercell Review (Pro 29er Mountain Bike)

When I first got into mountain biking, I was 100% into all-mountain downhill. The gnarlier and steeper the trail, the faster I’d try to race across it. But over the years my biking interests began to change. Instead of steep downhill, I started to prefer riding cross-country. There’s nothing like a long endurance ride to […]

2012 Breezer Thunder Sport Mountain Bike Review (26″ Hardtail)

The 2012 Breezer Thunder Sport has become a classic in a few short years. Mountain bikers of all stripes love it for its slim aesthetic and easy handling. However, it’s not necessarily the bike for anyone and everyone. There are many considerations that go into choosing the correct mountain bike for you. Where do you […]

Breezer Thunder One Review (29r Single Speed Mountain Bike)

Okay, so you’ve been thinking that you want to get serious about mountain biking with a rad ride to take to the trails. You’ve been setting some money aside so that you can get exactly what you want. I understand where you’re coming from because an MTB is a big investment. But you want to […]

Mongoose Ruddy Comp Review (27.5 Mountain Bike)

When I was a kid, I used to ride my bike all the time, from sun up to sundown. In high school, I got into mountain biking. During college, the only time I would ride my bike is if some old friends came to town. Otherwise, it hung up in my garage collecting dust. Earlier […]

Diamondback Overdrive Comp 29er Review (Hardtail Mountain Bike)

If you’re searching for a great mountain bike but are tight on funds, I can relate. I was an avid mountain biker as a teen but stopped riding in my early 20’s. Now that I’m 30 years old, I’ve been re-discovered my love of mountain biking. The problem is finding the best mountain bike without […]

Diamondback Release 3 Review (27.5 Mountain Bike)

Want to know if the Diamondback Release 3 matches the hype? I get it. The brand has said themselves that the Release 3 is the best trail bike they have ever put out. I wasn’t sure that I believed it until I rode it myself. I know that it can be confusing to read through […]

Diamondback Atroz Review (27.5 Full Suspension Mountain Bike)

Looking for an honest Diamondback Atroz review? We get it. You want a great bike for a great price. The Atroz is a respected bike, and when it comes to brand recognition, Diamondback is a name that everyone in the bicycling community instantly recognizes. The company has long been a favorite among biking enthusiasts, because of […]

Nashbar Single Speed 29er Review (Best SS Mountain Bike?)

You’ve made up your mind to buy a budget-friendly single speed mountain bike. You don’t want to pay more than $1,000, but you want something that is high-quality. But with so many bikes out there, it’s hard to settle on the right one. Sound familiar? You’ve done some searching on the internet. The Nashbar Single […]

SE F@E Bike Review (Best Fat Tire Mountain Bike for the Money?)

Mountain biking can be a fun and thrilling sport to get into. You get out into nature, get dirty, and see the awesome things that the wide-open spaces of the world have to offer. However, the wrong ride can make your mountain biking dreams come crashing down. Believe it or not, it’s completely possible to […]

Diamondback Overdrive Sport Review (27.5 Mountain Bike)

Diamondback is a well-known brand among bike enthusiasts, and with bicycles like the Diamond Overdrive Sport, it’s easy to see why. If you are trying to settle on a bike that is right for you, this Diamondback Overdrive Sport review can help. Your purchase decision is valuable, which is why we’ll give you an honest […]

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