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Diamondback Recoil 29er Review (Full Suspension MTB)

Mountain biking is fun, exciting and helps you stay in great shape. But shopping for a new mountain bike can be confusing, time-consuming and stressful. There are tons of mountain bikes available on the market. How do you find the perfect one for your needs? If you’re new to the world of mountain biking, reading […]

Diamondback Catch 2 Review (FS 27.5 Mountain Bike)

Are you trying to figure out whether the Diamondback Catch 2 is the right bike for you? There are a lot of bikes out there and I know how hard it can be to sort through all the information out there. If you love to ride, you want to be on a bike that enhances […]

The 10 Best EDC Flashlights for Sale on Amazon (In 2020)

The perfect EDC flashlight will keep you ready, so you don’t have to get ready. Photo: mabA/ Looking for a great EDC (everyday carry) flashlight? We understand. A great, portable, flashlight can be a life-saver. Literally. From needing to change a tire on the side of the road to getting lost in the wilderness. In this article […]

10 Best Tactical Pants for Men in 2020 (Everyday Wear & Survival)

With the right pair of tactical pants, you’ll always be ready. Photo: 511tactical ​Looking for a great pair of tactical pants? ​You’re in the right place! If you are anything like us, you’re pretty rough on your tactical wear. So when looking for a pair of pants (or two) they need to be durable, while offering the ability to […]

The 10 Best GPS Trackers for Hiking & Backpacking (2020 Review)

A good GPS tracker will make your treks easier and safer. Photo: Chris Morton/flickr If you are like me, you have gotten lost at least once during one of your hikes. Well, good news! There are tools available that will help keep that from happening during day hikes and long backpacking adventures. A good GPS tracker can save […]

The 10 Best Mountain Bikes for Under $1000 (2020 Buyers Guide)

Ride into the sunset on a bike that costs less than $1000. Photo: Orion 2/flickr Looking for the ideal mountain bike? We understand. You need something that is ready to tackle whatever the trail throws at it. Steep single tracks, paved roads, rocky hillsides, or rough dirt trails, the bike needs to absorb shocks and easily deal with […]

The 10 Best Hiking Pants for Men & Women (2020 Review)

The right hiking pants will make you smile too. Photo: Mike Barish/flickr If you are like us you want to be comfortable when exploring the outdoors. This means that you want a pair of pants that offer mobility as well as ventilation. That way you keep cool as the weather (and your body) warm up. Well, get ready. Because […]

The 10 Best Mountain Bike Shoes for Men & Women (2020 Review)

Only the best mountain bike shoes will do for the serious cyclist. Photo: avyoung/flickr Muddy uphill trails and bumpy downhill roads are terrain for the serious mountain biker. Serious trails require a serious shoe that is built to take a beating. Mountain bike footwear should also have great traction and fit, for unsurpassed pedaling performance. Check out our […]

The 10 Best Tents for Under $200 (2020 Review)

You’ll have a fantastic time outdoors with any of these budget-friendly tents. Photo: Mikel Manitius/flickr Looking for a tent that won’t break the budget? We get it. Tents are essential gear for the outdoorsman or woman. From casual excursions with the family to deep wilderness survivalist outings with friends, a tent protects you from the elements (and the […]

The Best Camera For Hiking And Backpacking (2020 Review)

The perfect camera can make a hike even more enjoyable. Photo: Kat Terek/flickr Looking for a good camera that you can take hiking? With all the choices available in ​2020 it can be tough to choose. The best camera for hiking needs to be both relatively lightweight so you can lug it around with you easily, and […]

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