Diamondback Clutch 1 Review (Women’s Full Suspension Mountain Bike)

Get the full scoop in the Diamondback Clutch 1 review.

Get the full scoop in the Diamondback Clutch 1 review.

If you’re curious about the Diamondback Clutch 1 but can’t get to a showroom to test out the specs, this Diamondback Clutch 1 review will give you all the insight you need to decide whether it’s the right bike for you.

Between suspension kits and extra tech features, there’s a lot to know about a full suspension mountain bike.

It’s even more important to pay attention to specifications when you’re looking for a bike at this price point since there’s so much variety.

Still, the good news is, you can find an affordable and feature-rich bike for around $2000, and the Diamondback Clutch 1 fits the bill.

With its full suspension equipment and efficient pedaling, this bike might get you out on the trail faster than ever.

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An In-Depth Review of Diamondback’s Clutch 1 Women’s MTB

Things to Consider Before Buying A Full Suspension Mountain Bike

A full suspension mountain bike puts the power back in the rider’s hands, with responsive adjustment to obstacles regardless of the obstacles that crop up in your path. A smooth ride over difficult terrain is the main perk, but improvements in maneuverability also rank a full suspension bike over a hardtail.

Who Should Buy It

With subtle sizing and geometry differences compared to a men’s or unisex bike, the Diamondback Clutch 1 caters to women. An aluminum frame that’s lightweight and holds a lower center of gravity appeals to physiologically female traits like shorter torsos and longer legs.

Of course, women may prefer a standard unisex bike over a model that markets to the female subset, but you can’t go wrong with a bike that takes height and build differences into consideration.

Who Should Not Buy It

Of course, most men probably don’t want a bike that intends to accommodate women, but other audiences who may not want this type of bike are competitive riders or those who prefer leisure to challenging mountain trails.

Other items to consider before purchase:

  • Sizing needs (this bike comes in sizes from extra small to large)
  • Whether an aluminum frame suits your needs
  • Where you intend to ride the majority of the time
Ready to ride?

Ready to ride?

What Is The Diamondback Clutch 1?

The Diamondback Clutch 1 is a capable dual-suspension mountain bike with the right geometry for women and the power you need on the trail.

Precision shifting via a 1×11-speed SRAM drivetrain lets you challenge the landscape no matter the features.

A lightweight aluminum frame with a low center of gravity gives you maneuverability while the efficient pedaling system contributes higher speed. Kenda Nevegal tires accommodate any terrain with exceptional traction and deep treads.

A replaceable rear derailleur hanger lets you upgrade to suit your needs. Rear shocks with external rebound adjustment add to the already robust suspension offerings.

Diamondback’s precursor to the Clutch 1, the Release, features similar specs at a slightly higher price point. Both have 150mm of travel, but the Diamondback Clutch 1 has a wider wheel width and enters the exclusive women’s market.


See how the Diamondback Clutch 1 stacks up to the competition.

  • Suspension: 200mm (rear)
  • Tires: Kenda Nevegal 27.5”x2.35”
  • Gears: SRAM NX-1 1×11
  • Frame: aluminum
  • Weight: lightweight

What Is It Best For?

With chunky wheels that have plenty of grip, the Diamondback Clutch 1 arrives ready to tear up the trail. Its suspension offers a smooth ride, but its frame boasts strength and maneuverability. Ride hard without worrying about excessive feedback from obstacles along the route, letting the suspension system handle bumps in the road.

This bike is best for women who are serious about mountain biking, whether for competition or recreation. If you’re more of a leisure rider that stays on city streets, you won’t need the features of this bike, but it will still offer a comfortable ride.

It’s a machine that can take a beating, and won’t let you down when you encounter rough terrain or unexpected obstacles. The lightweight frame and durable construction plus responsive suspension make this bike the complete package for an entry level bike that keeps everyone from beginner to pro happy.


  • DB Alloy Micro-Adjust Seat post
  • 150mm SR Suntour Aion RC suspension fork
  • Tubeless compatible wheelset


  • No remote control for seat post adjustment
  • Stock Kenda Nevegal tires may not meet the demands of career cyclists
  • Aluminum frame isn’t the lightest weight option compared to carbon or titanium
With the Clutch you can tackle all kinds of terrain.

With the Clutch you can tackle all kinds of terrain.

Features and the Benefits You Get

For this price point, the Diamondback Clutch 1 is feature-rich, from its extensive suspension package to the lightweight aluminum frame. The result is a complete package that gets you on the trail right out of the box, at a reasonable price point for the features it offers.

Here are the primary features of the Diamondback Clutch 1 that make it rank highly among full suspension bikes for women.

Full Suspension Package

A Level Link suspension platform with 130mm of rear travel along with an SR Suntour Aion RC 150mm fork that offers compression dampening and rebound make this machine responsive on the trail. The rear X-Fusion 02 Pro R AV sleeve shock has external rebound adjustment.

Full suspension bikes are more sympathetic to the rider experience than hardtail bikes since they absorb most of the shock and distribute it throughout the frame of the bike rather than throughout your body. Your legs won’t take the heat on any ride with the cushioned suspension system.

Tubeless Tire Ready

Double wall tubeless compatible wheels feature tubeless tape. The bike comes with Kenda Nevegal tires, but you can easily upgrade to your choice of tire. Tubeless tires have a reputation for experiencing fewer punctures or pinch damage from trail obstacles.

Overall, tubeless tires have a lower profile and typically weight less than standard tires with tubes. This keeps the entire weight of the bike low, which is optimal for maneuverability and efficiency. On the trail, staying light and staying moving are important goals.

Styling for Women

The lightweight aluminum frame forms a geometry that accommodates the physiological needs of women. A low center of gravity means no stretching to reach the pedals or the ground for women of shorter stature. The seat contours allow for comfort and performance, without visible styling that indicates it’s for men or women.

While there are few differences between a unisex or men’s bike and one that markets to women specifically, choosing the right bike is all about the sizing and geometry for every rider. Consider your measurements when choosing the style and size of bike that’s right for you.

Competitive Design

The geometry of the bike allows for a short rear end and longer cockpit, traits that Diamondback maintains help keep it stable at high speeds but let it manage corners with ease. Aggressive riders will appreciate its climbing efficiency and downhill handling, two traits no longer synonymous with unisex or men’s bikes.

What Makes This Trail Bike Unique

As an all-around trail bike, the Diamondback Clutch 1’s basic features accommodate most riders’ needs. Beyond the basics, unique features highlight what this model offers that others may not. Small touches enhance the bike’s performance and usability.

Here are a few items that make this bike unique.

DB Alloy Micro-Adjust Seat post

A light and adjustable seat post lets you customize your ride with ease, accommodating a range of heights independent of the frame sizing. For riders with proportions that vary from what’s standard, customizing your ride often poses a challenge.

While there’s no button or remote adjustment, an adjustable seat post can help with storing the bike in tight spaces and lets you adjust sizing depending on where and how you’re riding.

WTB Deva Comp Saddle

A high-performance shape with generous padding and a short nose, the inclusion of the Deva saddle makes the Diamondback Clutch 1 a comfortable ride. Gel inserts and a design that’s subtly feminine without turning off diverse audiences round out this performance seat.

Still, you won’t find any garish “feminine” colors on this seat, as its primary focus is performance and comfort. The short nose allows for easy on-off transitions and the padding cushions the right places to keep you from going numb on your ride.

Sizing Chart

DB Clutch 1 Sizing Chart


With an MSRP of $2500, the Diamondback Clutch 1 is a competitive model that delivers the features of a more expensive bike at a lower price point. Frequent price breaks make it a steal at under $2k. The bike’s design distinctly addresses the physiological needs of female riders with a lower center of gravity and sympathetic geometry.

User Reviews and Ratings

All the customer testimonials I found online indicate mostly positive feedback. From write-ups on the trail experience to snippets of customer reviews from online orders, there’s a lot to love about the Clutch 1.

From comments on the easy assembly to custom adjustment options, here’s a sampling of what riders who purchased the bike say about its performance.

diamondback clutch 1 user review

Alternatives to the Clutch 1

Wondering what the market offers when it comes to comparable models to the Diamondback Clutch 1? Here are three alternatives with similar features.

  • Diamondback Release 1: This dual suspension bike accommodates aggressive riding with efficient pedaling and a comprehensive suspension package. Customers appreciate the frame design which reduces pedal bob while noting the lack of lockout on the rear shock.
    This model earns points for its value, but the frame is slightly heavier than comparable models. Without a dropper post, this bike might require upgrading to take advantage of all its offerings. The focus is on riding with this bike, rather than shifting conventions. This bike is a workhorse that can handle aggressive trails with steep climbs.
    Click or tap here to see the Diamondback Release 1.
  • Diamondback Clutch 2: While its price can’t compete with the Diamondback Clutch 1, the Clutch 2 is the do-it-all bike that can tackle any trail with ease. 150mm of travel absorbs the bumps in the road while Schwalbe’s Hans Dampf Performance tires keep you on the trail.
    Take this bike through dirt and gravel, or any other condition the trail throws at you. Its relatively easy maintenance make it an easy choice for riders who want to keep on going, regardless of the trail they choose. A dropper saddle gives even more control over your ride, and 11 speeds let you work with the terrain.
    Click or tap here to see the Diamondback Clutch 2.
  • Fuji Addy 1.3: A Shimano drivetrain and 27.5” wheels cater to mid-height riders in this hardtail model. A remote lockout assists with climbing and pedaling efficiency. 80mm of travel means it can’t compete with the shock absorption of the Clutch 1, but its significantly lower cost means you can spring for another bike for more aggressive biking needs.
    A lightweight aluminum frame and a low profile let you maneuver this bike along any trail, keeping you centered and speedy. 27 speeds adapt to any grade landscape, further customizing your ride.
    Click or tap here to see the Fuji Addy 1.3.

Review Conclusion

Updated 2/9/2020 – An easy to assemble bike with a design that focuses on accessibility and comfort for riders of smaller stature, the Diamondback Clutch 1 meets consumer demand with its responsive suspension and tough traction. As a women’s bike, it delivers no-frills performance with sizing options to suit different builds.

Ride hard without fear of losing features, and take comfort in the cushioned seat. Size your bike right, adjust the seat post for more customization, and take off on the most grueling trail you can find to test out this bike’s chops. It won’t balk at tough landscapes, and its low maintenance needs mean you can stay on the trail longer than competitors.

With its impressive suspension package and 130mm of travel to cushion the blow of hard trail obstacles, you’ll appreciate the ride. Tubeless tire capabilities take your mind off the danger of punctures (and the need for backups while on long hauls). Get up speed or slow down and take in the scenery- the upper link will react to the trail at any speed.

As amazing as it sounds, it rides better in person – so if this Diamondback Clutch 1 Review piqued your interest in Diamondback’s latest full suspension bike, click the button below.

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