Marin Mount Vision Pro Review (Full Suspension Mountain Bike)

Get all the details you need in this Marin Mount Vision Pro review.

Get all the details you need in this Marin Mount Vision Pro review.

For the average rider, a high-end mountain bike is a huge investment.

With all the options on the market today, it can be hard to cut through the fluff and find out what you really need to know to make a purchasing decision.

That’s why I’ve done the work for you and compiled this 2017 Marin Mount Vision Pro review.

As technology spurs innovations in the bicycle industry, it’s tough to keep up with the trends, so I’ve sourced the stats on the Mount Vision Pro so you can see how it stacks up against the competition.

Sure, any full suspension bike makes for a fun ride.

But here, you can learn more about Marin’s flagship trail bike and find out whether it’s what you need for a faster and more competitive ride.

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An In-Depth Review of Marin’s Mount Vision Pro

Things to Consider Before Buying A Full Suspension Mountain Bike

When it comes to full suspension mountain bikes, Marin knows their stuff. But beyond a comfortable and cushy ride, full suspension bikes give responsive feedback and allow for precise handling. Traverse over any trail with ease, without feeling the shaking in your bones.

Who Should Buy It

The Marin Mount Vision Pro is a professional-level bike that serves competitive riders and anyone who’s serious about their cycling. Riders who are looking to up their game in the mountain biking world benefit from this model’s trim profile and need for speed.

This bike’s carbon frame helps it stay lightweight and adds to its maneuverability, both features ideal for competition level riding. Exceptional shock absorption and a KS LEV Integra Dropper Post help manage unexpected terrain and obstacles.

Who Should Not Buy It

Because this bike’s design leans toward competition and not leisure, part-time cycling enthusiasts likely won’t use all its features. The design focuses on performance more than leisure, so while the riding experience with this bike is no doubt better than lower cost models, riders who are cruising city streets or exploring off-road trails would do just as well with fewer bells and whistles.

Also, serious riders are more prepared to invest in the maintenance and regular upkeep of their bikes than casual riders. This type of bike needs special attention to preserve the features that make it a great ride, something that not all riders can handle.

Get ready to ride.

Get ready to ride. Photo: Robert Tadlock/flickr

What Is The 2017 Marin Mount Vision Pro?

Marin is well-known for its quality bikes, and their leading trail bike is essentially every mountain biker’s dream.

A full carbon frame and full suspension set combine for an intuitive riding experience and added tech elements give the bike a modern edge.

Whether you’re in the heat of competition or conquering personal goals on the trail, the Mount Vision Pro rises to the occasion. A SRAM X01 drivetrain delivers performance, and the tubeless rims and WTB Trail Boss 27.5” tires can take a beating. 140mm of IsoTrac suspension cushions those hard landings, while the rigidity of the carbon frame allows you to maintain technical control.

Like most higher-end bicycles, Marin’s arrive without pedals so that you can add your own to suit individual needs. While this means you might incur additional costs, it also prevents you from having an extra set of pedals lying around that you’ll never use.


Here’s how the Mount Vision Pro’s numbers measure up.

  • Suspension: 140mm
  • Tires: WTB Trail Boss 27.5”
  • Gears: 1×12
  • Frame: carbon
  • Weight: lightweight

What Is It Best For

Serious riders or those who are up-and-coming will want this bike for its technical features and smooth ride. But the shock absorption and comfort level are just the beginning.

A dropper seat post sets the stage for mid-ride adjustments that help you hug the landscape. Whether you’re executing tight turns or hanging on through sweeping curves, lowering or raising your saddle adjusts your center of gravity for optimal balance.

Passionate cyclists of every stripe will enjoy applying the Mount Vision Pro’s features to their favorite landscape and testing the limits of the bike, from practice to competition to pure leisure. You’ll want to try it out on rough trails and in multiple weather conditions, and it won’t disappoint.

In comparison with Marin’s previous model- the 2017 Rift Zone Pro Carbon 29er– the updated version has an extra 30mm of travel, compression and rebound. Both models start out with a carbon frame and have a similar silhouette.

Slightly smaller wheels on the Mount Vision Pro mean quicker acceleration, which is optimal for quick starts as well as for maintaining speed.


  • Integra Dropper Post and Southpaw Remote for easy adjustments
  • IsoTrac Suspension with 140mm of travel
  • Stan’s No Tubes Blow MRK3 rims hold up to rough terrain


  • High price point for most casual riders
  • May require more maintenance than bikes with fewer bells and whistles
  • Aims at competitive bikers so casual riders pay more for extra features they may not use
Uphill or downhill this MTB has you covered.

Uphill or downhill this MTB has you covered. Photo: Rino Peroni/flickr

Features and the Benefits You Get

This bike’s key features lie in its construction. Looks aren’t what’s most important when it comes to functionality, but the Mount Vision Pro has plenty of both. Between its good looks and the responsiveness of its suspension, this bike meets the demands of mountain bikers who want a comfortable ride and superior technical specs.

Carbon Frame

Carbon is a lightweight material that comes from a super strong fiber. Different components combine to make a carbon bike frame, resulting in a resilient and lightweight base for the bike’s essential systems. Carbon is one of the lightest materials for making bike frames, second only to titanium.

Marin boasts that their carbon frame allows for precise handling and impressive speed. The light weight also helps reduce fatigue for long distance riders or those traversing demanding terrain. At the same time, the strength of the material protects against scrapes and dings on the trail.

RockShox Pike fork and Monarch Plus Rear Suspension

Full suspension mountain bikes are more friendly to varied terrain than hardtails, but you probably didn’t expect this level of responsiveness from a bike. The Mount Vision Pro’s RockShox Pike fork offers 140mm of travel, compression and rebound, and its rear suspension and IsoTrac suspension round out shock absorption.

Since it’s a serious mountain biking setup, this model focuses on smoothly powering over obstacles on trails and courses. With features like this, there’s no way you’re feeling every bump in the road.

Dropper Post Seat

An exceedingly sought-after feature on mountain bikes, this model’s dropper post seat helps lower your center of gravity across a variety of trail features. Even if you prefer to ride standing up on certain parts of the trail, lowering the seat can help absorb impact into the frame of the bike instead of into your body.

Plus, when you want to store the bike, lowering the seat can help it fit in compact areas. Riders who are familiar with stretching to touch the ground when stopped don’t have to strain any longer. Shorter riders can lower the seat when stopping both for comfort and to avoid tipping over.

What Makes This Trail Bike Unique

Wondering what’s so special about the Mount Vision Pro that makes it worth the investment? There’s a lot to love, but here are a few elements that make this bike unique.

Tubeless Wheels and Tires

As Marin explains, the combination of Stan’s No Tubes Blow MRK3 rims, and WTB Trail Boss 27.5” tires are a sought-after duo in the mountain biking arena. Tubeless tires maintain their strength and withstand the effects of rough terrain. If Trail Boss tires aren’t your thing, switch them out for another tubeless variety.

Dropper Post Seat Remote

Dropper post seats are not exclusive by any means, but a unique feature built into the Mount Vision Pro is its Southpaw Remote. This remote brings the dropper controls to your fingertips, an improvement on feeling around for the button as you ride. That balancing act might not challenge most riders, but for some of us, it’s easier having a built-in remote at hand.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

SRAM Guide hydraulic disc brakes let you maintain speed control in a variety of trail situations, from wet weather to mud and sand. Hydraulic disc brakes give superior stopping ability over mechanical disc brakes, so you can use speed when you need it and seamlessly slow down and stop in no time, too.

WTB Volt Race Saddle

A lightweight seat with enough padding that you can ride all day in comfort, the Volt Race Saddle also allows for multiple seating positions throughout the ride. On its own, this component is an expensive piece to purchase, so it makes sense that Marin includes the high-quality seat in the Mount Vision Pro package.

Sizing Chart

Marin Mount Vision Pro Sizing Chart


Coming in at just under $6000, the Marin Mount Vision Pro full suspension mountain bike tops the list for professional-level bikes at the high-end level. Its feature rich construction pits it against other models at higher price points.

Alternatives to the Mt Vision Pro MTB

Thinking about the Mount Vision Pro, but want to check out comparable bikes first? Here are three bikes with similar features.

  • 2017 Marin Rift Zone Pro Carbon 29er: IsoTrac suspension offers nearly as much travel as the Mount Vision Pro (110mm), and a carbon monocoque frame competes structurally. 29” wheels that are tubeless compatible round out the smooth ride, while an Integra Dropper Post and Southpaw Remote allow for easy seat adjustment.
    A price point that’s on par with the Mount Vision Pro means this bike is in the same league, but one difference lies in the flexing stays, which Marin says eliminate the need for a rear pivot. This translates into less mechanical complexity than other bikes in this category.
    Click or tap here to see the Marin Rift Zone Pro Carbon 29er.
  • 2018 Marin Wolf Ridge 9: The Wolf Ridge 9 is a full-suspension 29er that thrives in all riding climates, including all-mountain, cross-country and enduro. This fresh model features a full-carbon unidirectional frame to support its riders. This model also comes equipped with a 160mm Naild R3ACT-2 suspension system which gives it climbing/descending capabilities as good or better than anything else out there right now.
    SRAM components are utilized on this bike’s brakes with their Guide RS hydraulic braking system. Regardless of weather or riding conditions, riders have exceptional stopping power.
    Click or tap here to see the 2018 Marin Wolf Ridge 9.
  • 2017 Marin Attack Trail 7: The Attack Trail 7’s front fork gives 160mm of travel, and its tubeless ready tires are ready to hit the trail. An aluminum frame isn’t quite as light as the carbon of the Mount Vision Pro, but its lower price point makes up for the discrepancy. A Trans-X Dropper Post allows for height adjustments, just without remote control access.
    A 1×10 Shimano Deore shifter also departs from the Mount Vision Pro’s 1×12 standard. Marin notes that this improves performance by minimizing the chances of the system dropping chains. It also reduces the weight on the bike and simplifies shifting.
    Click or tap here to see the 2017 Marin Attack Trail 7.

Review Conclusion

Updated 2/9/2020 – This pro-level mountain bike is a considerable investment, but with its carbon frame construction, massively responsive shock absorption system, and tech perks like tubeless tires and remote control of the dropper seat post, the feature-rich Mount Vision Pro is likely worth every dollar.

For professional riders and hobbyists with considerable skill, Marin offers a worthy contender for the trail and track. While not entirely accessible to inexperienced mountain bikers, the bike doesn’t pose a severe learning curve to the beginners among us. At the same time, riders who are looking to upgrade don’t risk disappointment with this bike.

A smooth ride and lightweight maneuverability contribute to the Mount Vision Pro’s reputation as a mountain biker’s best friend, and even its basic features accommodate serious riders. Robust and reactive, Marin’s high-end mountain bike will take on challenges from boulders and fallen trees to water and mud. Want to know more? Click the button below.

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