Haunted Mesquite: The Wandering Ghost Girl at Hampton Inn

When Bryan’s sister gave birth, he knew that he would have to travel to Mesquite, Texas to pay an obligatory visit.

Not wanting to bother the family (or lose precious hours sleeping) he decided to check into a hotel in town.

A woman at the airport recommended the Hampton Inn, so he picked up his rental car and headed into town.

A Little Family Reunion

Updated 2/11/2020 – Having been built in the 80s, the Mesquite Hampton is by no means a luxurious hotel, but nevertheless Bryan was satisfied when he dropped his luggage off in his room.

He changed into fresh clothes and wandered around the hotel, waiting for his sister and brother-in-law to call him back with definitive plans.

“I was wandering aimlessly around the first floor, wondering if the hotel had a pool, when I saw a little girl playing with a bouncy ball down the hallway,” Bryan said.

“She didn’t seem to notice me, or chose to ignore me.

She just bounced the ball and turned out of sight.”

Making Memories in Mesquite

There's just something off about her.


“I saw the girl again the following morning.

She was skipping quite contentedly around the lobby, with a joyous look on her face.

I felt compelled to speak with her when my phone rang, and I walked a little way down the hall to answer it,” he gestured.

“When I turned around the girl was gone.

I didn’t think anything of it—figured she had run off.

So I fished my rental keys from my pocket and went to see my sister and new nephew.

The next morning my sister said she was going to spend the morning shopping for baby clothes.

This didn’t sound particularly thrilling to me, so I said I would meet her in the early afternoon.

I decided to find the pool.

“I walked into the chlorine infested room only to find the little girl again, sitting alone by the edge of the deep end.

More than anything I wanted to find her parents and scold them for leaving her alone, especially by a pool.

Once again, I felt this strange urge to speak to her, but I didn’t want to scare her.

As it grew later, other hotel guests started showing up and jumping into the pool,” Bryan said.

“When a group of young kids started playing Marco Polo, I could see the little girl’s face light up with envy.

‘Hey guys, do you mind if this little girl joins you?’ I asked and pointed to my young friend.

The kids all started to look at me like I was crazy.

“’What little girl?’ they said.

I turned to look at her, but she was gone — she had gotten out of that pool so quickly I didn’t see her leave.

“When I went to check out of the hotel a few days later, I mentioned the little girl to the woman processing my payment.

I told her how she seemed sweet and sad that she was alone.

Someone standing near the counter perked up…

“’Sounds like you had quite a personal encounter with our local ghost,’ she said.

‘People flock to Mesquite from all over Texas, trying to catch sight of her.

You’re a lucky one.’