Psionic Energy: What It Is and How to Use It

Ready to both understand and use psionic energy?

Ready to both understand and use psionic energy?

Psionic energy is an area of energy that relates to psychic powers.

Psionics, the study that seeks to understand psionic energy and how people use it, looks at the relationship between electronics and psychic powers, both of which play an essential role in this form of energy.

– Updated 2/11/2020

What is Psionic Energy?

Psionics can be a bit confusing, which is why many people, even those with psychic powers, aren’t fully aware of what it means and how to use the energy.

You’ll typically hear about psionics and psionic energy as they relate to characters in video games.

Science fiction characters often have psionic powers that allow them to see into the minds of others or even move things with their minds.

Telepathy and telekinesis are usually associated with this type of energy.

Some experts in the field of psionics believe that this energy isn’t just make-believe and can be something that psychics can use.

However, this is a phenomenon that isn’t quite understood enough to give a definitive scope of its possibilities in the human and spiritual worlds.

What’s the Difference Between Psionic and Psychic?

Some people think psionic energy is merely science fiction, however, it is very real.

Some people think psionic energy is merely science fiction, however, it is very real.

Psionic and psychic are two terms that people sometimes interchange, but they don’t mean the same thing.

Psionic abilities are a form of psychic abilities.

Not everyone with psychic powers will also have psionic powers, but everyone with psionic powers will have psychic powers.

Psychic abilities refer to many forms of power within the psychic realm.

However, psionic powers make up just one type of psychic ability, often relating to those who can use their minds to see and do things.

Experts believe that those with psionic ability can move things with their minds and have extrasensory perception (ESP) that allows them to sense things beyond the regular five senses.

What Are the Benefits of Psionics and Its Energy?

Although it’s unclear why some psychics may have psionic gifts while others don’t, these gifts are powerful and could potentially help others in significant ways.

Telepathy, one of the powers that those with psionic abilities can have, is the ability to communicate with someone through thoughts or to understand one’s thoughts without communicating.

In today’s world where there is often a communication barrier between people because of technology and mobile devices, telepathic powers can be an asset in breaking down those barriers.

Telekinesis, or the ability to move objects with one’s mind, is a bit more complicated, and even experts don’t have a clear explanation of its benefits.

Perhaps, it exists so that those with psionic abilities can prove their gifts to others.

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How to Use This Energy

People with psionic abilities can use their gifts to manipulate objects, people, and even animals.

These gits could, potentially, harm living beings if a psychic chooses to do so, but they could also be used for good.

People gifted with psionic abilities are in touch with all forms of nature.

People gifted with psionic abilities are in touch with all forms of nature.

On People and Animals

Those with psionic gifts, such as online psychics, can use their heightened senses and gift of empathy to communicate with living beings in a positive way.

If you have psionic abilities, you might help a couple fix their broken relationship by delving into their most intimate thoughts about each other and their relationship and then using that information to help them communicate better with each other.

People with psionic gifts have an incredible ability to empathize with living beings, including plants and animals.

They might find ways to calm a scared dog during a lightning storm, which other humans can’t do because of communication barriers.

Or, they could talk to plants in a garden to encourage them to grow.

On Non-Living Things

Psionics might also send their energy to inanimate objects.

A psionic, for example, could send energy via his mind to a home in which the occupying family has had a string of bad luck, from health problems to lapses in work.

Or, he could send healing and renewing energy to an automobile that’s just been involved in a car crash.

This process is known as “sending psi”, which is sending psionic energy to a place or object that needs it.

You can promote positivity in an area, or make it emanate from a particular object, using your exceptional empathizing abilities and power to transfer energy where people need it most.