The Tortured Spirits In This Florida Distribution Center Deserve Better

Many years ago, there was a company that operated out of Winter Haven, Florida. Scotty’s was a massive distribution center where hundreds of employees worked amongst the shelves in the warehouse.

One day an employee was operating a forklift as he navigated around the massive building.

The Tortured Spirits In This Florida Distribution Center Deserve Better

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Winter Haven Death Toll

Updated 2/10/2020 – But something went terribly awry. The forklift collided with one of the large metal shelves, and it came tumbling down, crushing the man under its weight. Not long after the man’s memorial, his co-workers began experiencing strange phenomena whenever they walked past where the man last drew breath.

Employees immediately began to suspect that the warehouse was then haunted. Scotty’s Distribution Center is no longer in operation, but many former employees recall strange occurrences during their time there. One anonymous man has come forward with a chilling tale.

“I had only been employed at Scotty’s for a few months at the time,” he recalled. “I often worked the forklifts, taking large boxes down from the uppermost shelves. One day I happened to get lift #307 but as I hadn’t heard anything about the incident at the time, I thought nothing of it.

A Terrifying Ride

A Terrifying Ride

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“I began my shift, driving the forklift around the warehouse. As time went on, I began to notice a tingling sensation that started at the base of my spine. I felt strange, like I had a fever except my head didn’t feel warm,” he said, frowning.

“As I continued to move the forklift around it started acting funny, like it was starting to malfunction. It began to start and stop all on its own, and seemed to ignore the commands I gave it. Some could argue that it was just faulty wiring, but…,” the former employee trailed off, looking scared and helpless.

“To me, it felt like there was a supernatural force manipulating that machine that day. I held on for dear life as it picked up speed down the aisle way. I clung to the machine and closed my eyes.

“I thought I could hear the eerie whispers of a man’s voice, right behind me as I held on. After what felt like an eternity, the forklift suddenly stopped moving, and I was able to leap off,” he said, trailing off with a shiver. “That night I had horrible dreams about being in the warehouse, being followed by a ghost with a huge gash down his body.

“I kept envisioning a huge shelving unit come crashing down upon me and everything going black. I went to work the following morning and started asking around about strange activity happening in the warehouse in the break room,” he said. “That’s when a co-worker told me the story of the man who died because of #307.

“The moment the words left his mouth, I knew that what I had experienced that day was the spirit of the dead man. I think that building is the creepiest place in all of Winter Haven.