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The 5 Most Common Psychic Dreams (and What They Mean)

People who have psychic dreams experience their dream state much differently than others. How many times have you sat down with your friends to discuss astrology or ready your horoscope and realized that you had dreamed certain aspects of it already? When you have psychic dreams, they are more vivid, and when you wake up, […]

How Tarot Improves Your Mental Health, Spirituality, and Wellbeing

Spirituality has clinically proven and documented positive effects on mental health. In a compilation of 326 studies, 79% found a link between wellbeing and happiness and people who self-explore and connect to the world around them on a spiritual level. Tarot is one way to develop that connection. Here’s how it can be used as […]

What Is a Medium? (and How Are They Different from a Psychic?)

Whether you’re entirely new to the psychic world or not, there are a lot of terms to get to know. You’ll want to learn the meaning of words like psychic, medium, and more, for example. Let’s take a look at the definition of the word medium. Perhaps the most important thing to know is that […]

How to Tell If You Are Psychic (Discover the Truth!)

Have you ever thought about something right before it happened, then asked yourself “Am I psychic?” Although some people assume that psychics are just making it all up, or worse, that psychics are somehow a force for evil in the world, many others argue that every person has some degree of psychic ability. Getting to […]

How to Know If You’re Receiving Psychic Messages (5 Tips)

Many would argue that everyone is psychic to some degree. Some people can tap into their psychic abilities from a young age and can fully develop their talents as they get older. But it can take many years before others realize that they have any abilities or before someone starts receiving psychic messages or signs […]

How to Read Tarot Cards for Yourself and Others (A Beginners Guide)

Do you want to discover how to read tarot cards? Are you interested in uncovering the past, understanding the present, and divining the future? Well, you’re in the right place. This tarot guide not only teaches you how to accurately interpret your Tarot reading… …but also how to expand your knowledge through the symbolism, associations and […]

Crystal Gazing

Crystal gazing goes by a variety of names, including crystallism, crystallomancy, gastromancy, spheromancy, and the more common crystal-seeing. All of these names refer to the practice of seeing visions during a trance, which is induced by gazing at a crystal. – Updated 10/11/2019 ​ What Is Crystal Gazing? Traditionally, crystal gazing is used as a […]

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