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Visit These 7 Haunted Northern California Towns at Your Own Risk

In 1848, the state of California was forever changed when a man named James Marshall found gold in Coloma. Mines were created, towns were built and California became an official part of the United States. But when the gold rush died down, several towns did not survive. Updated 9/23/2019 – Today we examine those and […]

The Shape Shifting Ghost at The Dorrington Hotel

In 1850, a gentleman named John Gardner moved to a little town, which is now known as Dorrington, California. A year later, his wife Rebecca Dorrington joined him from Scotland and the couple built an Inn known as Cold Spring Ranch. The ranch served as a stage coach stop for weary travelers on their way […]

St George Hotel: Victims of Deadly Fires Still Haunt Volcano, CA

Historically speaking, the town of Volcano, California has had its fair share of bad luck when it comes to hospitality. In 1853, the Eureka Hotel was built, only to be destroyed by a fire a few years later. In 1859 the town tried again, and the Empire Hotel was built at the same location. Repeated […]

Dead Man Lives in the Pictures at Mary Aaron Museum in Marysville

In 1856, an architect named Warren Miller completed building a house for his family in Marysville, California. Known for his gothic revival style, Miller built many houses in Marysville and made a decent fortune before moving to New York. The Aaron family moved in shortly after. The Aaron Family of Historic Marysville Updated 9/23/2019 – […]

What Haunts the Moose Lodge in Turlock, California?

Turlock, California is home to one of the many Moose Lodges scattered across the United States. Moose is a fraternity which was first established by Dr. Henry Wilson in 1888. The primary purpose of this organization is to aid communities, children and the disabled. Serving the Turlock Community Updated 9/23/2019 – Turlock has been a […]

Sinister Ghost at the Sutter Creek Inn, or Just a Lost Soul?

Sutter Creek, California is an ideal destination for folks who simply want to get away from the hustle and bustle of day to day life. Nestled in the heart of wine country, and a short distance away from ski resorts and hiking trails, Sutter Creek is perfect for a weekend visit or full-blown California vacation. One of […]

Haunted Benicia: The Puppet Master Pulls The Strings At Sailor Jack’s

California residents often flock to Benicia for its beautiful ocean views, and delicious seafood. Sailor Jack’s has become a reputable restaurant in the area, with amazing cuisine and a full service bar. Guests claim the waterfront view is to die for. A Horrifying Ordeal Updated 9/23/2019 – Originally named Captain Blythers, the restaurant first opened […]

Watsonville: The Crying Ghost of Dusty Treasures Antiques Store

The Dusty Treasures Antiques and Collectables store first opened many decades ago in Watsonville, California. Located in the historic Tuttle Mansion built in 1899, the house itself was the perfect setting for the goods on sale. Antique furniture, vintage items and expensive collectibles were all housed at this hidden gem of a store. The Most […]

Strange Creature Visits Girl at Night at the Downieville River Inn

The town of Downieville was first established as a result of the gold rush in 1849. Gold was discovered where the town sits to this day, and was named after Major William Downie, the town’s founder. The town grew at an alarming rate over the years, and hotels were in high demand. The Gold Rush […]

Haunted Chowchilla Library: A Ghost and the Deadly Turmeric Tea

In 1977, Chowchilla, California opened its own county library. The Chowchilla library continues to serve the local community to this day, with numerous book collections, periodicals and meeting rooms. But if the library didn’t open until 1977, what stood on site prior to construction? The Chowchilla Tea House That Had No Name Updated 9/23/2019 – […]

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