Magalia: The Depot Café and Restaurant Has a Sinister Past

The Depot Café and Restaurant is centrally located in the small northern California town of Magalia.

Originally, the Depot Café and Restaurant was a train depot through which they stored inactive trains waiting patiently for repair.

Magalia: The Depot Café and Restaurant Has a Sinister Past

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Updated 9/23/2019 – This is a vast adjustment from where it stands today, making delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner items.

Visitors to the newly refurnished café have reported an assortment of eerily mysterious experiences and paranormal apparitions.

Nichole Fitman, who was raised in the area, reports that small child preventing her from walking by holding on to her.

Each guest has their own account to tell but overlapping stories make up three separate haunts: the small playful child, the wretched woman in a housecoat, and the deranged train conductor.

The Devious Little Ghost and the Figure of a Woman in Magalia

Some witnesses have reported seeing a small child like figure running and playing games with customers and employees alike.

Several have even said that the mischievous presence lurks behind corners giggling and enticing visitors by pulling their hair as if it was inviting them into some ghostly game of hide and go seek.

Overall, this ghost seems to be more innocent that the normal haunting.

It would appear that this apparition doesn’t mean to hurt or truly scare anyone but other sightings prove otherwise.

The next apparition that witnesses have reported seeing is that of an older woman in a housecoat desolate and groaning looking for something she may have lost in another life.

Those who have been cursed with seeing this ghost are faced with the sadness expressed that lingers within them even after the ghost has dissipated.

Reports have noted this sad feeling will last for up to two hours after leaving the Depot Café and Restaurant.

Some have said the appearance of this woman is rather disturbing as well in that she looks beaten and bruised as if someone pulled her out of a deep sleep and pummeled her.

Maybe she lost a child or a lover?

Whatever it was that she lost seemed to follow her in death, haunting her as she haunts the café.

The Disturbed Train Conductor

The most villainous of these haunts comes to them in the form of an older man presence described as being severely beaten train conductor holding an antique style lamp.

You can get a nice meal here at this Magalia cafe, and also a very spooky encounter with true evil.

Photo credit: tumblr/silent-musings

Locals have their own legends about this ghost much different than the ones previously described.

The conductor is said to have been a town mystery in that his origins are really unknown.

Some say he was an out of town conductor who may or may not have been inebriated during the time of his death.

His beat up ghost is described as if he has been on the train tracks at a bad time and was hit by a train cart.

One particular experience describes a head that closely resembled accounts of the conductor, severed and near the freezer of the café.

The deranged train conductor is also described as if he didn’t know that he is dead.

He roams around with a lantern looking for some kind of ghostly purpose.

Maybe he’s looking for the old trains and tracks wondering what ever happened to his life as a train conductor?


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