Ghosts of Victims Plague This Forgotten Kerr City Cemetery

Kerr City is one of Florida’s many ghost towns.

Time seems to have stopped on the lonely post office, while the area surrounding it appears to enhance the otherworldly feeling.

Cemetery in Florida


Updated 2/10/2020 – Back in the day, Kerr City was not on a path of flourishing.

Serving merely as a stop for people traveling to Ocala, it’s not surprising that most of the people who lived there abandoned it during the great freeze at the end of the 19th century.

Yet, not all of them left.

The one person to remain bought the surrounding land and Kerr City was privately owned, but the public was able to visit up until 2014.

Today, Kerr City is not available to the public.

But if the road takes you to the area, you will be in for a shock.

Woman stumbles upon a mysterious graveyard near Kerr City Florida

“We wanted to see Kerr City,” our source told us, wrapping her hands around herself.

“But, when it turned out the city was closed, we decided just to hike around, maybe look for a place to stay.”

Her boyfriend had insisted on bringing a tent with them for some old-school camping.

“It was just after midday,” she said.

“We drove north, and then we took a right turn and another left.”

Parking the car, they got out and walked, despite the heat and the humidity.

But, angry mosquitoes were the least of their problems.

“Suddenly, the path just stopped.

A dead end.”

She wanted to leave.

The area just gave her the creeps.

But, her boyfriend wanted to continue.

He managed to find the path.

It had disappeared into the trees and the bushes.

“It was as if no one had walked the path in years.” As they moved on, it got darker.

In Florida, mid-day darkness usually means rain is on the horizon.

Not this time.

When they reached the small clearing, tearing through the overgrowth and the greenery, the encountered a sight straight out of their nightmares.

plagued ghosts

“It was a cemetery,” she said.

“Small headstones, arranged in neat little columns.”

She did not count them, but she reckons there were at least 20 graves.

“I couldn’t see the names on them.”

As they turned to leave, they saw them.

Shadows rising from the ground,” she said.

“It was as if they sucked the air out of my lungs.”

Her boyfriend grabbed her hand.

They stood there as the shadows loomed closer, as the air got thicker.

As they started coughing, sputtering, choking, the smell of smoke filling their nostrils.

And then, the rain started.

And the shadows were gone.

Ella and her boyfriend realized they were standing at the dead end.

It was sunny.

Victims of a natural disaster might be lingering by their gravestones

That’s the assumption of people whose ancestors lived in Kerr City.

According to the legend, there was a natural disaster in the area long before there was a town.

Nothing is known today about it.

It could have been a fire, or it could have been a flood, depending on who you listen to.

Many believe that it was fire.

A part of the forest went ablaze one night, and a group of people who were travelling together died where they’d camped in the middle of the woods.

So they were buried together, and the cemetery has been avoided ever since.

But the victims have remained.

And you might see them if you take the path north of Kerr City Florida.

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